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What kind of website should I open to make money?

Is it possible to make money by opening a Web site? The answer to this question is about presenting something original and useful. So virtual reality is a complete reflection of the real world.
Unless you have something to offer as in the real world, others have nothing to give you. So if you don’t give people what they need, you can’t make money.
Successful webmasters love their work. They enjoy the things they do on their website, so their passion for their work continues. This is one of the reasons why successful webmasters do not work as slaves for their sites. They enjoy their work and they don’t see it as business.
When you ask successful webmasters how many hours a week they work, they think carefully and say, “maybe maybe two hours.” (You have to achieve success first)

How to make money by setting up a Web site?

You can earn money by posting ads on your Web sites. Setting up your website and writing to your site the number of articles in this article should be at least 30 you can place your site search engine Google ad network AdSense ads and earn impressions and clicks from those ads and you get very good earnings in this way Can.
You can earn thousands of TL per month with AdSense with your Web site posts and traffic that will increase over time.

Note If your site is not empty for registration in Adsense, make an application to register for Adsenseye by typing at least 30 or 40 original article otherwise, AdSense will not approve an empty site.

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Why Use WordPress?

Fledglings “Why use WordPress should I use?” they frequently make the inquiry. The old my site isn’t adequate? For what reason do I need to move to WordPress? In the event that you are making these inquiries, you are in the correct spot now. Beneath, you can perceive any reason why you should utilize WordPress , you can utilize and which ways WordPress employments of data about your identity.

Numerous individuals, (mistakenly) as an equivalent word for a blogging stage WordPress. This is valid before, WordPress throughout the years has developed into a vigorous and solid substance the executives framework. WordPress’ as yet a basic blog despite the fact that you can utilize them to set up, this stage enormous sites and versatile applications just as to create enough case.

The best piece of WordPress is anything but difficult to utilize and be adaptable so that it can fit pretty much everything. The fundamental reason of this WordPress is popular to the point that. As per a study by the ongoing, WordPress 25% all sites on the web of the substance the executives framework. A large number of the greatest brand due to sites with powerful highlights for WordPress. These brands incorporate Time magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, New York Times, CNN, e-Bay’s profile is written in Dutch.

Presently how about we investigate why you should utilize WordPress.

WordPress Is Free

WordPress is free programming, so you can download this product for nothing out of pocket, can be set up, and you can change the manner in which you need. Each sort of site you need with WordPress you can do. Open source in light of the fact that the source code is available to everybody to survey and change.

As of now available with more than 2600 free WordPress subject and more than 31,000 free extra. This subject and numerous modules accessible to be downloaded from the site.

Because of the way that a network of open source WordPress programming. Most by far of the coherence of the product WordPress’ who are keen on a custom WordPress improvement Advisor gives a vast volunteer gathering. Everybody’s answering to inquiries by composing the fix, support, by making WordPress interpretation module, topic and WordPress can add to refreshing the reports. Some portion of this gigantic network utilizing WordPress. Gets the other network individuals from the no-charge support, you can download free modules and subjects, even in the wake of having some involvement in WordPress you can offer help in business.

WordPress, it’s anything but difficult to learn and utilize

WordPress is utilized by a large number of individuals and this number pretty much consistently new clients being included. The reason individuals utilization of WordPress now entirely simple.

WordPress Themes and Plugins by utilizing the Extensible

WordPress utilizes the vast majority is the thing that creator what is the software engineer. Truth be told, these people b load some portion of WordPress to utilize web composition without have no learning of.

WordPress has such a perfect stage is the motivation to browse a large number of free topic and should be possible along these lines, the kazandırabilmeniz look you need on your site. For practically any kind of site it is conceivable to discover a WordPress topic. Those topics are additionally genuinely simple to custom-tailor the demand on the grounds that a large portion of this topic without composing any code to alter the hues, logo transfer, gives you a chance to change the foundation and the data expected to play out a great deal of choices inclinations board.

WordPress is uncommon adaptable stage and can be reached out as asked for by utilizing modules. Much the same as in the subject, you can utilize the a huge number of free and premium modules is likewise accessible. These modules are not conveying additional usefulness to WordPress, WordPress likewise add your site to an altogether new stage.

WordPress Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is composed utilizing the standard astounding code and your site for the web indexes is an exceptionally striking produces a semantic markup that makes the framework. In the meantime utilizing WordPress is SEO inviting and SEO module you can take this element significantly further.

WordPress’ Manage Very Easy

WordPress module and topic in your WordPress administrator board, güncelleyebilmenizi gives an updater. Another adaptation of WordPress this updater when you advise you with the goal that you can refresh your stage by clicking a solitary catch. And after that creation ordinary WordPress Backup, you can ensure your substance.

WordPress It’s Safe

WordPress has been created to be sheltered from the earliest starting point, subsequently a safe stage for sites is considered reasonably. Be that as it may, similarly as in reality, the web can be perilous now and again as well. We found the chance to visit the Web locales of individuals who need to sneak has dependably been and will be. It security dangers, for example, stages for each time you utilize the Sucuri.

WordPress can be utilized with Different sorts of Media

When you use WordPress, you don’t restricted to composing just content. This stage pictures, sound and video, you can take the substance of a help. Likewise, it is additionally conceivable to record or document the board with WordPress.

WordPress supports oEmbed feature sites, so pasting the URL in your post only YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, Soundcloud, you can download audio files. In fact, even if your visitor’s comments part of possible installation videos

Which Ways To Use WordPress?

WordPress can be used in many ways such as those listed below:

– E-store

– Blog

– Content Management System

– Gallery

– Portfolio

– Rating Website

– Video Collection Site

– Membership Site

Note that these are just a few examples of. WordPress hosting package that is compatible with your web site and your blog publish easy-to-use, secure, fast!


WordPress SEO Plugins? How To Install?

WordPress SEO plugins developed for sites, stable Google works according to the rules. WordPress SEO on your site can be your choice to do manually, but WordPress plugins that can make your work easier with.
An important feature of this plugin on your site’s General and resource consumption is not force. We found the proposal 2 plugin for common property managements.

  • Support for the keyword for the blog posts.
  • Blog post analysis SEO compatibility information
  • Automatic XML constructor.
  • Lookup view edit option
  • The content view of the regulators
  • Social media display
  • Automatic RSS constructor
  • Google Search Console support
  • Yandex, Bing, Google support
  • Key words, Meta, Title and URL support.

Common features of add-ins with different properties. We recommend as an add-in is a plugin called SEO, YOAST. Many users uses this plugin, it’s just not about SEO site infrastructure and a necessary and useful improvements.
Important Note: The article made the installation of the add-in example. Before the installation of the add-in, the add-in you want to establish the number of downloads, update versions and check compatibility of your theme.
Follow the steps for the installation of the plugin.

Yoast SEO plugin Setup and settings

1-login to your WordPress admin panel. ( )
2-administration panel located on the left menu “Plugins Add New >>” tab.
3-on the right side at the top search section “Yoast SEO” continue typing. Download the plugin at the bottom of the selected one. (When installing the plugin, updated time, installation of the number, rank value and note that your version of the theme compatibility.)

4-install now to start the Setup process later by saying “will”Enablebutton is active after aktifleştirdikten “Installed Plugins” you will be redirected to. At the bottom of the “add-ins”YOAST SEO”Settings” tab, click here, or in the menu on the left on the bottom with the plugin click on the menu item “SEO”.

5-General Settings page that opens is part of SEO, YOAST. When you installed the YOAST plugin SEO tool automatically settings as standard. General main settings of the plugin setting default as you don’t have to. When you type keywords and tag your blog post, you should pay attention to.

Search The Appearance: Google on the web site, you can set the appearance of the “TITLE”

Search In The Console: You can Google Search Console authentication.

Social: You can write your social media accounts.

Tools: Yoast SEO plugin developed the “import/export, File Editor, Batch Editor”, you can use tools such as.

6-to be considered when writing a Blog post about. Along with the main keyword SEO makes the configuration of YOAST typed post, SEO would be how effective points. Sentences, words that are incorrectly shows as an error.

All in SEO Pack Plugin Setup and settings

1-log in to your WordPress admin panel. ( )
2-administration panel located on the left menu “Plugins Add New >>” tab.
3-on the right side at the top in the search section and then continue by typing “All in SEO”. Download the plugin at the bottom of the selected one. (When installing the plugin, updated time, installation of the number, rank value and note that your version of the theme compatibility.)

4-install now to start the Setup process then saying “Activate” button will be enabled after you will be redirected to the add-in interface aktifleştirdikten. The plug-in interface useful documents. To see the General settings “All in One SEO” in the menu on the left you can see at the top.

5-General Settings section of the plugin. Yoast SEO automatically as default configuration. You can configure it as you wish.


WordPress admin password (phpmyadmin)

In this paper, we forget to you wordpress admin password via PhpMyAdmin will tell you how to reset your. Changing the WordPress Password via phpMyAdmin. WordPress content … In this case you can change the admin login password via phpMyAdmin.

When you try to mail the password reset mail through WordPress gönderemye () function can be blocked if you are receiving a warning like this, you can reset the admin password by performing.

Do you need to access your control panel hosting priorities. Then ensure that your database web interface provides PhpMyAdmin.

PhpMyAdmin e after logging in, click on the link in the menu on the left is the destruction of our site database.

on the page that opens click on wp-users table.

Our user account on the screen from the left click on the Edit button located in the Centre of the resort.

After clicking the Edit button on the page that opens user_pass portion located at the right side of the code we’re changing with the MD5 passwords in the form of e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e and located at the bottom of the page by pressing the button changes Go We record. After this process, the wordpress admin login password 123456 .

Hope to see you in another article.

WordPress admin password If you forgot the password from wp-admin page by clicking the Forgot Password link to your e-mail address, a link to reset your password will come. You can change your password by clicking on this link.


However, because the mail () function of some servers is blocked, you cannot send a mail to your mail address with WordPress. Because you encounter an error as follows.

E-mail could not be sent.
Possible cause: your service provider may have blocked mail ().


Google Adsense – What Is Google Adsense

What Is Google Adsense

Google Adsense Google firms Offers advertising service and consequently gains allow an ad serving network.
In our country, quite often due to an advertising platform that can be used up to a maximum of distress which is one of the platforms. This is not a rival, to the extent that it’s a great loss for World Webmasters and monopoly status.

Google Adsense Registration

It’s pretty easy at the same time is a process that can take several minutes.
Your AdSense sometimes 24 hours, sometimes 6 months can be approved. For a quick approval process is copious, updating the content frequently and Adult, Warez, Adult content and illegal sharing, you will need to apply for a site which did not include the.
According to the order of evaluation after the Adsense Application Engineers you will inform to purchase or import.
Will take a long time to records sometimes stand out from the crowd and sometimes a little more done for your site to be reviewed and checked the Adsense.

Google Adsense and other advertising Companies

Using Adsense sites being examined with great care. Any form is violation of advertising rules means the ban, no questions asked. Banlanan is a member will not be able to use Adsense ads anymore.
AdSense on your site for sounds other ad platforms. As long as you’re causing unfair clicks, popups or advertising on the site dump splash as the opened view why not. Other than that, you can get along with Adsense advertising broadcast from another site.

Google Adsense Splash and pop-up Types

At the beginning of the banned by AdSense ad space this binary. It’s not fair to the customer which the user clicks on the unqualified in these two systems that sent visitors Adsense system is completely prohibited. There is no way any side.
AdSense as remnant ad just to hard on his own measure remain true to the condition. Video Front ad, collapsible ad, we will mislead the user does not allow advertising.

Google Adsense Placement

According to each web page a good settlement although the suggestion is less, but placement.
If the content on our site, maybe more than advertising in the first place, you can get a good click-through rate but falls and Google both your visitors over time by eating your risk rises.
For this reason, the visitor’s attention when you put the appropriate ads to places there are wounds. Model to text ads instead of part of the headlines to put your ad will attract more attention to Visual.
Search or post two post if text or links in the ads would be more convenient to put it in.
In these, you will increase your earnings do dot placement without exaggeration.
This made for some themes together is just Adsense ad platforms. stay away from them for more gain. Because they are not popular in this style by Adsense themes.

Google Adsense Placement
Google Adsense Placement

Google Adsense Per Page, Max Ad Numbers

The user must comply with some rules that Ad Publisher. Buddha in the same page number of a specific ad through the agreed-upon terms.
At this point, according to inside Adsense Rules page 1;

  • three standard ad unit (text and Visual ads)
  • 3 PCs one (Title in the form of a short link)
  • 2 search box

Yerleştirebilirsiniz. A total of 5 ad unit and 2 search box placement, you have the opportunity to briefly.
However, this will slow down the speed of such a large number of residential and pages and page will cause a large number of advertising in that it actually is not recommended.

Google Adsense payment and Cheque Transactions

It used to be that payments are usually made with a check sent by Adsense. However in recent years due to the establishment of payments now Turkey Office via wire transfer as soon as possible.
AdSense $100 over the level of payments. to $100, you pay the month you reach acceptance status has been received and credited to your account on the next pay until the end of the month you made via EFT.
Of course, before the add an account and enter the system and paid for the next Test will come to your address is required to enter the PIN code for the appropriate place to receive payment.
Czech is now more demand. In our country, there’s no place more distorting. Those who pay $50 for the $100 check. Buddha as a big annoyance, a publicist.

Google Adsense Rules

In fact, this list is pretty long, but you listeleyelim a few short-short rule.

  • Will encourage to click on adverts, Adverts will make it mandatory to click or simply click on the Adverts they sites that host content such as it will be removed from the Adsense ads.
  • Adult, Warez, pirated Content, illegal content, such as Hacking, sell products or sites advertising network that distributes is subtracted.
  • Pop-up and Splash in an ad or site turns parent sites are removed from the ad network ads are counted.
  • Always from the same IP through unfair clicks and clicks the account will be closed. 100 people and 50 people if not organic as a click on the ad, using Adsense, bad on purpose as a account is closed.
  • On the same page cannot have more than one Adsense account to ad. To be used on different pages on the same site more than once on the same page as Adsense account code is available but only 1 Adsense account to ad code is available.
  • Other than that, there’s a lot more detail in the Adsense site. we don’t write them one by one.Maximum PC’s they say mistakes made. Take a look at you if you wish. If you wish, Adsense help page, in the address.