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Setting up a Web site to earn money
Setting up a Web site to earn money

Make a website

If you want to make a website, install or set up a site, first decide what to do.
Deciding what to do is the last job
Priority: How to do it?

How to make a website?

1. There are ready-made content management systems. Like WordPress, Drupal. You get a Host domain and setup it for a small fee. (You’re going to find out)
2. Ready and free systems, for example; Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress…
3. You can print your own custom content system in languages such as Php Asp, or use their systems for a certain fee to companies that have been written. If there is a problem, it will be changed to company.

How do you earn money from a site?

1. You love your Insanlara site. And how does that happen? With your difference and style
In this case, very robust content is required. Solid intent: Interesting, easy-to-understand content that adds something to people. Or fun, for example the game sites… You have a certain audience, and as a result, it’s time for things like advertising.

2. You open a site on a particular sector. You create a form. You do SEO work. You’ll get revenue from ads that you redirect to visitors from Google or other search engines. These sites are called niche sites and you place the ad you receive from them, including Adsense Adhood or other ad networks. If your visitors click on the ad that attracts interest, you’ll get a small fee for those clicks.

3. You can set up and install E-commerce systems such as OpenCart or create a custom CMS (Content management System) and open an online store.

Setting up a Web site to earn money
Setting up a Web site to earn money

4. You have a very original idea in your mind. You have no knowledge of the Internet that can bring this to life. You’re a joint venture with someone who knows.

How can you not make money from Internet sites?

I will make money as I click on the site 20 people from the school to 10 people from the neighborhood to 20 people from Facebook to 50 people, if you say ohooo super money, please continue to hang on Facebook.
Note: There is no such thing

If you open a crappy site and make a “new address of fun ” or “the world’s most…” Site, they will laugh.

The hedgehog loves my cotton.

If you try to force people into the site, it’s not going to help you or the site, you alienme people.
If you’re not interested in your site, you won’t be able to make money.
If you do not put capital as a man or use it wisely and efficiently, you will only remain lost.

You can’t win by copying and pasting.
If you convert the site to an online pavilion, you cannot win. (I’m talking about designs that will put the eye on the second plan)
You can’t win if the user doesn’t get what he wants easily.

If you’re going to interact with people, you won’t get anywhere. (Just believe in yourself)
You can’t win if you don’t get a little bit of a deal. (Patience is very important in this regard)
Facebooktan page opens a lot of commercials, if you’re hoping people will fill the site, it’s a little bit, but not quite.