20 Not-So-Obvious Fiverr Tips for Buyers (Learned First-Hand)

14. Build relationships

If you’ve already tried Fiverr and found a seller that did a good job, don’t go looking for a different one. Be considerate and stick with the person that helped you in the first place.

Otherwise, you may only be wasting time. If the seller is busy, or cannot do the job, ask them to recommend someone. It’s similar to how things work in real life, you know. 🙂

15. Don’t try to game the system

This is perhaps one of the key Fiverr tips for you to remember…

Many have tried to escape Fiverr’s commission by hooking up with a seller outside the platform. While it’s not impossible, you better not go that way.

Sharing your contact details (email, Skype or Facebook usernames, phone number) or asking for the seller’s email is not allowed on Fiverr. Do not accept or indulge in such activities that may result in getting your account banned.

Recovering a banned account is almost impossible.

From the platform’s Terms of Service (link):

Like this guy:

16. Reach out to Fiverr support

If Fiverr’s buyer knowledgebase wasn’t helpful and you need some human support, you can reach out to their Customer Support service (via ZenDesk). However, the fastest way to get in touch is through the official Fiverr Twitter account.

  • Response time on Twitter: 30 minutes
  • Response time on email: 2.45 hours

Contacting Fiverr Support worked pretty well. So for emergencies, they will have you covered, which is always reassuring.

17. Use the Fiverr App

Android Fiverr

Make yourself available by using Fiverr’s free mobile apps for Android and iOS. This will make it easier to reply fast to messages and also browse gigs while on the road and build your list of Favorites.

Android Fiverr App

iOS Fiverr App

18. Leave a tip for good work

After the project is delivered, Fiverr will ping you for a review. You may choose to skip it, and after three days it will go away. But reviews are like gold to sellers, so try to find a couple of minutes to leave a personalized one.

Next, you will have an option to leave an extra tip for the seller. This is not mandatory, but it is a nice way to say thanks and help the seller with some extra money. Especially if you were satisfied and you think you might work again together, a small tip is always welcome! (FYI; tips are also charged commission by Fiverr with 20%, so the seller will get less.)

19. Join the Fiverr community

The official Fiverr Forum is a good place to engage with people using Fiverr, although few buyers actually do. You can place a question in the Tips for Buyers and the Tips for Sellers categories or just browse the FAQs.

There is also a Fiverr forum on Quora and a Reddit forum for reaching out to the community, but I have no idea how active they are. If you’ve used Quora or Reddit Fiverr forums, please share your experience in the comments!

20. Be professional

Like any service, Fiverr should be handled professionally. Keep in mind someone’s business may depend on you, so try to:

Any more cool Fiverr tips?

That’s all from me. Following these Fiverr tips will make your overall Fiverr experience better, faster, stronger nicer.

Have you tested Fiverr for any WordPress work of your own? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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