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Add Tags To WordPress Automatic Plugin – Simple Tags Plugin

WordPress web site designs and operating systems in active use in the foreground have extracted most of the many plugin this plugin seems to work … While, likewise most of trouble. Both he and the processor is slowing our sites our muscle. That’s why the most important ones of the given tag is simple tags add tags to plugin, a plugin that really matter. After installing this plug-in wordpress blog you will see many options after your posts and topics related to Auto-searched tagsI’ve seen.In this way, your post automatic labels related to the subject of your post will be added. This topic is quite a good work when used in this study is about creating an effective language label structure. It is fully compatible and support the work of Wp WordPress, creating a very efficient and innovative about this option.

To download this add-in as a professional, WordPress plug-ins section through Simple tags, you can do the quest label software. Links are constantly renewed and updated. So give a link from here instead of directly giving the name of the software. Simple Tags which you will do as you search for the latest and most mature software that is compatible with your system. You can analyze this subject can handle in the shape of plug-ins and dear readers. We wish you good work already. Follow us for efficient solutions.

Developed with WordPress, plug-ins, is a highly available system should improve clearly evident.Simple Tags, it is one of the plug-ins. So, what is it good for Simple Tags plugin ?

This plugin, tag in our blog system, provides a more advanced structure. SEO is very important in terms of automatically makes intra-site-tagging, tagging and tag makes it easier to edit. You can download the add-on from here . The article, titled how to set up the add-in installation of WordPress plug-ins to made a detailed narration.

After you install the add-in, first from the admin panel Settings > Simple Tags then click on to the tab. Now let’s set up your on this page:

√ Auto links tags: Article matches any last words, tags, Word returns the label auto-link.

√ Mass edit terms: allows you to edit Tags. It is marked, the Tools section of the “Mass Edit Terms”, an advanced tag editing panel will open.

√ Click tags at the bottom of your page, add Writing feature: all your tags, you can easily add a makes the formed part.

√ Autocompletion with old input: active auto-complete to enter more relaxed Labels.

√ Suggested tags feature: Yahoo! Term Extraction API, OpenCalais, Alchemy, Zemanta, Tag The Net, Local DB write through services such as advice on how to get your labels.

√ Advanced Manage Terms: makes an advanced tag editing panel active. Paneşle Tools > Manage Terms tab sindne.

Χ Related posts by terms: similar to labels according to similar articles. This topic is more advanced plug-ins, I suggest you use them. See: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, Similar Posts

√ Auto terms posts: Yazınızdaki provides auto-tagging according to the context.

√ Tags for the page: Add tagging Pages makes it active. Also when adding tags, search box provided the name of the page.

Min usage for auto link tags: Automatic link will be given must be the minimum number of times the tag has been used. 1 ideal remain.

The maximum number of links per article: determines the maximum number per label Writing linkleneceğini.

The maximum number of links for the same tag for the same label, a maximum in the article: how many connection requests will be granted. 1 ideal remain.

√ Ignore case for auto link feature? Checked, the harmony of uppercase and lowercase letters. It is recommended that you tick it.

Exclude some terms from the tag link. For Ads Link subtition, etc.: you can block Some linklemeyi for labels.

Outside of these settings, click Tools > Mass Edit Terms and Manage Terms tab, you can easily edit your labels.

Yazıarınızda, category, article, page name if you want to be notified, according to Auto-link Tools > Auto Terms tab, you can do this by saying “Active Auto Terms”. For example when you write or have the word “wordpress” in the title and tags in your list “wordpress” ettiketi. To your plug-ins, font tags automatically adds the tag “wordpress”.

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