Best Blogging Platforms of 2019

What’s the pricing?

Ghost is an open source software and is, therefore, available free of cost to download and run (albeit it’s not that easy to find that direct download link – the only viable option seems to be via GitHub and not the official Ghost website). However, there are also some paid-for themes and plugins for Ghost (like there are for WordPress, too). At the same time, if you opt for the commercially hosted version of Ghost, you have to pay a subscription fee starting at $29/month.

Can I use a custom domain?

Yes. You can associate your Ghost blog with a custom domain.

What can you customize?

You can customize pretty much every element about your blog, though the support for Ghost in terms of themes and plugins is still poor compared to WordPress.

Can I monetize my blog?

Yes, Ghost has the ability to add custom code to your site for advertisements.

Final thoughts on Ghost

Although WordPress is a better option in terms of support and customization, one may prefer Ghost if they value an uncluttered interface / publishing experience.

Here’s a more in-depth comparison between Ghost, WordPress, and Medium.

Best blogging platforms: conclusion

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this comparison, and hope this has been helpful for those of you looking for the best blogging platforms right now.

Here’s an in-the-nutshell summary:

  • – self-hosted WordPress – the most popular blogging platform of them all and an awesome option for people who want to be in full control of their website/blog
  • Blogger – and old-school blogging platform for those that want to just get a basic blog going
  • Medium – a hip new web publishing platform that gives you an audience to read your work, but doesn’t allow you to do much branding or customization with your blog
  • – currently the best option for those who want to start a blog for free, yet for a non-commercial purpose
  • Wix – an advanced website builder – likely a good option for those who need more than just a blog
  • Ghost – a cutting-edge blogging platform that aims to provide a clear user interface and superb publishing experience; still not a very popular one among the best blogging platforms

Which platform will you use for your blog? Do let us know in the comments below.

Editor’s note. The wordpressupload team is all in on self-hosted WordPress. It is by far the most versatile platform of the bunch and also giving you the most control. Here’s how to start a blog using WordPress.