Figuring Out What to Blog About? Here’s How to Pick the Perfect Topic for Your New Blog

Well, first off, do you need to be a great writer to start a blog?

The answer is no.

People read blogs for a number of reasons, and while being a skilled writer can help, it’s no requirement.

Albeit some bloggers do indeed get read because of their unique writing style, it’s only a fraction of the market. We just hear about those bloggers more often.

But the iceberg of blogging is much more massive than that. There are people of all different paths of life there and with varying degrees of writing skill.

To an extent, writing skill doesn’t matter in blogging.

If you can talk, you can blog.

Also, you don’t need to be THE expert in the field (of your topic matter). It helps, but, again, it’s not a requirement. Think cooking blogs. You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay to run a successful one. What you do need most of all is some tasty recipes that people enjoy and are able to replicate.

Now, with that said, let me share with you the most important rule of picking a topic for your blog…

Here’s what to blog about: