Google Adsense – What Is Google Adsense

What Is Google Adsense

Google Adsense Google firms Offers advertising service and consequently gains allow an ad serving network.
In our country, quite often due to an advertising platform that can be used up to a maximum of distress which is one of the platforms. This is not a rival, to the extent that it’s a great loss for World Webmasters and monopoly status.

Google Adsense Registration

It’s pretty easy at the same time is a process that can take several minutes.
Your AdSense sometimes 24 hours, sometimes 6 months can be approved. For a quick approval process is copious, updating the content frequently and Adult, Warez, Adult content and illegal sharing, you will need to apply for a site which did not include the.
According to the order of evaluation after the Adsense Application Engineers you will inform to purchase or import.
Will take a long time to records sometimes stand out from the crowd and sometimes a little more done for your site to be reviewed and checked the Adsense.

Google Adsense and other advertising Companies

Using Adsense sites being examined with great care. Any form is violation of advertising rules means the ban, no questions asked. Banlanan is a member will not be able to use Adsense ads anymore.
AdSense on your site for sounds other ad platforms. As long as you’re causing unfair clicks, popups or advertising on the site dump splash as the opened view why not. Other than that, you can get along with Adsense advertising broadcast from another site.

Google Adsense Splash and pop-up Types

At the beginning of the banned by AdSense ad space this binary. It’s not fair to the customer which the user clicks on the unqualified in these two systems that sent visitors Adsense system is completely prohibited. There is no way any side.
AdSense as remnant ad just to hard on his own measure remain true to the condition. Video Front ad, collapsible ad, we will mislead the user does not allow advertising.

Google Adsense Placement

According to each web page a good settlement although the suggestion is less, but placement.
If the content on our site, maybe more than advertising in the first place, you can get a good click-through rate but falls and Google both your visitors over time by eating your risk rises.
For this reason, the visitor’s attention when you put the appropriate ads to places there are wounds. Model to text ads instead of part of the headlines to put your ad will attract more attention to Visual.
Search or post two post if text or links in the ads would be more convenient to put it in.
In these, you will increase your earnings do dot placement without exaggeration.
This made for some themes together is just Adsense ad platforms. stay away from them for more gain. Because they are not popular in this style by Adsense themes.

Google Adsense Placement
Google Adsense Placement

Google Adsense Per Page, Max Ad Numbers

The user must comply with some rules that Ad Publisher. Buddha in the same page number of a specific ad through the agreed-upon terms.
At this point, according to inside Adsense Rules page 1;

  • three standard ad unit (text and Visual ads)
  • 3 PCs one (Title in the form of a short link)
  • 2 search box

Yerleştirebilirsiniz. A total of 5 ad unit and 2 search box placement, you have the opportunity to briefly.
However, this will slow down the speed of such a large number of residential and pages and page will cause a large number of advertising in that it actually is not recommended.

Google Adsense payment and Cheque Transactions

It used to be that payments are usually made with a check sent by Adsense. However in recent years due to the establishment of payments now Turkey Office via wire transfer as soon as possible.
AdSense $100 over the level of payments. to $100, you pay the month you reach acceptance status has been received and credited to your account on the next pay until the end of the month you made via EFT.
Of course, before the add an account and enter the system and paid for the next Test will come to your address is required to enter the PIN code for the appropriate place to receive payment.
Czech is now more demand. In our country, there’s no place more distorting. Those who pay $50 for the $100 check. Buddha as a big annoyance, a publicist.

Google Adsense Rules

In fact, this list is pretty long, but you listeleyelim a few short-short rule.

  • Will encourage to click on adverts, Adverts will make it mandatory to click or simply click on the Adverts they sites that host content such as it will be removed from the Adsense ads.
  • Adult, Warez, pirated Content, illegal content, such as Hacking, sell products or sites advertising network that distributes is subtracted.
  • Pop-up and Splash in an ad or site turns parent sites are removed from the ad network ads are counted.
  • Always from the same IP through unfair clicks and clicks the account will be closed. 100 people and 50 people if not organic as a click on the ad, using Adsense, bad on purpose as a account is closed.
  • On the same page cannot have more than one Adsense account to ad. To be used on different pages on the same site more than once on the same page as Adsense account code is available but only 1 Adsense account to ad code is available.
  • Other than that, there’s a lot more detail in the Adsense site. we don’t write them one by one.Maximum PC’s they say mistakes made. Take a look at you if you wish. If you wish, Adsense help page, in the address.