How to Optimize ThemeForest Landing Page

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Each of the above insights brings in some light, but figuring out what really works is still a tough task. When joining ThemeForest as an author, you find that there are very limited tools available and that you have small control over how your theme is positioned and what happens with it.

There’s no precise way to analyze if what you’re doing is right or wrong. You cannot do any split testing. Although Power Elite Authors have access to advanced Google Analytics, the data there doesn’t help much either. For example, the time on page does not refer to the time a user is strictly checking out the item page. As Miroslav says:

It is the time between when a user clicks the live preview and closes both your demo and ThemeForest page.Miroslav, Dream-Theme

Nor are there any search reports, so you cannot see what keywords users search for. This instrument would help authors better understand what the users want and what language they speak.

Apparently, if you’re a marketer, there really isn’t much that you can do at ThemeForest … you have no tools, no way to see what works, etc. That being said, if you’re a new author, the one thing you can do is … drum roll … have a great product.

Here’s a quick excerpt from my chat with Miroslav of Dream-Theme that just about sums it up:

– Sabina, do you want to know what is the most important factor of success on ThemeForest?
– Yes! Luck?
– Yes, 1%. The other 99% is a really great product. Users are not stupid. If the product is not great they will not purchase it disregarding how awesome your item page is or what your pricing strategy is. Product is the king.

But let’s not end here. Putting all the input aside, let’s also have one final look at  the elements that the top 10 most popular WordPress themes have on their ThemeForest landing pages: 

(Note. The “ticks” indicate that something has been showcased on the ThemeForest landing page prominently (that it’s been highlighted), not that it’s simply been mentioned somewhere.)