WordPress Seo Smart Links

Intra-site linkleme, is one of the important criteria in terms of seo. WordPress on your site, Seo Smart Links plugin you can easily do it with.

SEO Smart Links plugin, writings and comments, post and page titles last tag automatic link . So what does that tell us? Without the need for any manual operation, seo is very important in terms of intra-site linklemeyi we have provided. Articles, shared time on another site, links will be copied automatically, backlink.

Thanks to this plugin, the “nofollow” links on our site.

You can download the add-on from here . WordPress plug-ins to how to set up the add-in when it comes to the installation of a detailed walkthrough.

Build the add-in;. Admin Panel > Settings > Seo Smart Links then click on to the tab.

seo-smart-links WordPress Seo Smart Links

Here is a sample setting. Now let’s talk about briefly what it is:

Internal Links
As we mentioned, allows to Auto link tags. Here is the link given in the article, to prevent the same post again, “links to self” boxes empty.

Posts: Posts link
Pages: Pages link to
Comments: Comments link. It is not recommended to use.

Linklemede H tags. Please tick here.


Here, we can set which pages to give the link. Posts and pages as appropriate. Tags we don’t need to tell the other article I choose this because I had the Simple Tags plugin we’re going to do it with.

Posts: Articles link. For example if you have a post called installing WordPress and the wordpress installation in your writing of the text in the form of automatic linkleme. As is the case here (=

Pages: Pages link. For example if you have a page named Games and games in your writing of text, automatic linkleme.
Categories: Kategorinize link. For example if you have a category named Games and games in your writing of text, automatic linkleme.
Tags: Tags link. For example, if you have a named tag and post Games when games are in the form of text, automatic linkleme.

Process only single posts and pages: Only works in pages and post. So, archive and category pages will not work. Recommend that you mark the place.
Case sensitive matching: enable case sensitivity. Please do not mark it.
Ignore posts and pages

No post and page determines the Linkelem

Ignore Keywords
Linkleme determines the labels will be made.

Custom Keywords
Linkleme special for the desired words. For example you can link to seo as you can


Under this tab, we can limit the number of intra-site linkleme.

You can limit the maximum number of different links SEO Smart Links will generate per post. Set to 0 for no limit. : Yazı başına maksimum linkleme sayısını belirler. 5 olması uygundur.

You can also limit maximum number of links created with the same keyword. Set to 0 for no limit. : Aynı anahtar kelime ile yapılacak maksimum linklemeyi belirler. 1 olması uygundur.
Limit number of same URLs the plugin will link to. Works only when Max Single above is set to 1. Set to 0 for no limit. : Determines the maximum linklemeyi the same link yaplacak. 1.
0, you can make unlimited by typing.

External Links

Nofollow external links to open in new tab and we can do beyond what is set. I will take the links nofollow tag I determine myself I didn’t mark it here for you.