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What kind of website should I open to make money?

Is it possible to make money by opening a Web site? The answer to this question is about presenting something original and useful. So virtual reality is a complete reflection of the real world.
Unless you have something to offer as in the real world, others have nothing to give you. So if you don’t give people what they need, you can’t make money.
Successful webmasters love their work. They enjoy the things they do on their website, so their passion for their work continues. This is one of the reasons why successful webmasters do not work as slaves for their sites. They enjoy their work and they don’t see it as business.
When you ask successful webmasters how many hours a week they work, they think carefully and say, “maybe maybe two hours.” (You have to achieve success first)

How to make money by setting up a Web site?

You can earn money by posting ads on your Web sites. Setting up your website and writing to your site the number of articles in this article should be at least 30 you can place your site search engine Google ad network AdSense ads and earn impressions and clicks from those ads and you get very good earnings in this way Can.
You can earn thousands of TL per month with AdSense with your Web site posts and traffic that will increase over time.

Note If your site is not empty for registration in Adsense, make an application to register for Adsenseye by typing at least 30 or 40 original article otherwise, AdSense will not approve an empty site.