What do abbreviations mean on the internet? Domain name extensions.

  • Gov: Government organizations
  • edu: Educational institutions (such as universities)
  • ORG: Non-commercial, nonprofit organizations
  • com: Commercial organizations
  • mil: Military organizations
  • Net: Service servers (such as Internet service providers)
  • AC: Academic Organizations (some is used instead of EDU in countries)
  • INT: International Organizations, organizations
  • ftp: FTP Archive site (preliminary supplement)

Domain Some Country Abbreviations

TR: Turkey, JP: Japan, UK: England, it: Italy, CH: Switzerland, CA: Canada, RU: Russia, ID: Indonesia, NL: Netherlands, DE: Germany, FR: France, IL: Israel, no: Norway, SE: Sweden, FI: Finland, GR: Greece, HR: Croatia, Yu: New Yugoslavia, BR: Brazil, BG: Bulgaria

Some of the new drop-out domain name extensions Include

  • Arts: Arts and culture-related sites
  • firm: Business firms
  • info: Information Service offering sites
  • nom: addresses used for personal domains
  • Rec: Entertainment sites
  • Stor: Shopping malls, commercial items sold on
  • Web: sites that offer services related to www