Discovered – currently not indexed Problem

You have opened a new blog site, Crawled – currently not indexed google webmaster tools, Discovered – not added to the directory at this time ”error, I will try to help you by explaining my experiences on this subject. This problem is often seen in newly opened sites. Now let’s examine this issue in more detail.

Ir Discovered ir is not currently indexed a What Does It Mean?
This term explains the articles or pages we share on our site by google but these are not included in the google search engine. Our site or pages added to the google site thanks to the sitemap map, but the main directory is not attached to the search engine is currently not included. If you want to see it live, let’s see an article you’ve shared by doing a search in the home directory;

Crawled - currently not indexed
Crawled – currently not indexed

Google search engine;

site: We are doing the search.

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As shown in the picture above, in my blog site, the number of articles and pages in the google home directory is 21. But of course, this number is less seen because I have not added to the main directory. Returning to the subject, you can see that the articles you have shared by searching for your own site are added to the google directory or not.

If your articles are not visible on the search engine, this means that they have not indexed your google posts. When we log in to the Google search console by clicking on the diz index scope i tab and clicking on the gibi excluded belirt tab, our articles are not indexed. Let us help you with some information about what we should do in this phase.

Discovered – not currently indexed
If you’re facing this problem, you can index your articles by performing the steps below.

If your site is new, the time it takes for google bots to crawl your site may be a bit long. That’s why you can’t immediately notice the problem with google boots, so you can see this problem in the search console screen. At this stage you need to do is just wait. You can get rid of this problem when Google bots reach your page. So do you wonder when you have recently visited your site?
⇒ You can see the last time you visited your site by typing cache: to your URL.

Google bots are visiting my site, but I’m still not looking for issues such as indexing against the problems in this case, let’s take a look at the alternative solutions. First, by clicking on one of the excluded pages in the search console, we click on the bir Test Robots.txt ard tab. You may experience this problem if you have a block command in your robots.txt file. We do the test and allow the url. This process is not instantaneous so I expect a few days again.
If the problem persists, we can resolve this issue by using the ”Fetch as Google Getir tool. Click on the text in the excerpt section of the Search console and click on Bring It Like Google.
In addition to these steps, you can index your posts by pinging them faster.
Note: Using the fetch tool such as Google may be harmful to use over time.