Increase Traffic and Ranking in Search Engine 7 Title Tag (Title Tag) Tactic

You can now assume that the title tag in SEO is not very important and does not affect the rankings. But when we think about the rate of clicking on the link; We can’t ignore that the title still has a big impact. If the title is increased, your traffic will increase. Traffic allows you to increase in ranking.

So you can try to increase the traffic of your site by changing the first thing your visitors see. The following 7 tips can help you with this process; But don’t think it’s all right for your site. You can achieve real success through experimenting with different tactics. You can try some of these tips and have an idea about your title tag strategy.

How to be a Seo Title Search Engine


The presence of a number in the title tag attracts visitors ‘ attention. Titles like ” 5 ways to Lose Weight”,“unemployment rate increased to 13%” encourage visitors to click on the link. This is because psychology is a phenomenon called ‘ cognitive bias ‘. Our brains choose things that attract attention and provide specific data. We’ll drown out a lot of information while we look at the search results. Our brains are looking for a result that can rely on and attract attention. At this point, it leads to the most likely data, i.e. numbers. You can increase your traffic in this way by using a number in the title tag.


Let’s look at a more specific type of number this time. “2017 SEO Trends”, will draw attention to a title in the style. It is also possible to give a more detailed date: “7 May 2017 match.” This strategy may not be suitable for every situation; But it will help you to sort your content by date, as well as to trigger the desire for visitors to reach up-to-date information.

Label length

In SEO, the most discussed topic in the title tag is the length of the titles. Sometimes when you encounter extreme short titles such as ” pants ,” you can sometimes see the long titles stacked with all the keywords like ” the cheapest arched narrow leg, black jeans women’s trousers and prices” . The problem of the first one is that it appeals to a large area. So when it’s called pants, it’s not understood whether it’s a man or a woman or a cloth or jeans. The second title is so long that the visitor will not want to read this tag on the search page. At the same time, the search engine will not predict what the title is about. is the content related to the belt or the related jeans; will be difficult to understand.

A recent study shortens the title tag of thousands of URLs. An increase in the rankings was observed at the end of this study. The number of best characters in the title tag is between 50 and 60. In this topic, your chosen keyword should be the word your visitor uses when searching. So the ” waist top black jeans prices” and the category “Women’s Pants” will add more accurate title tag.


In the previous example, we used the trousers in both the title and category, and the label was passed twice in the tag. This is not the desired thing in every situation. Let’s say you want to upgrade your ranking in the “cheap airline tickets” area. If you don’t have any other information, you can use synonyms to match the number of characters in your headline and search for visitors in different ways. For example, the title “Cheap and discounted airline tickets, the best flight booking” allows you to reach visitors who search for cheap or discounted prices instead. You can create different title tags using keyword tools such as keyword Explorer, SEMRush, and Google Search Console to find synonyms and variables of this type.


It is a strategy that is incredibly contributing to the increase in traffic. Using the words ” buy”, ” find“, “Download”“Search”, “ listen“, ” Watch ” gives visitors excitement. Creates a click request on the link because they understand that they can perform an action. Even if they don’t write these words to the search engine, they will be careful to see them in the results. When you search for “Lion King,” the user who sees the word “watch” on the title tag knows that they can watch the movie if they click on that link. In this way, the rate of clicks increases.


Using tools like Google Search Console, you can identify the keywords your site gets most clicks on. This way, you can provide a message with the title and increase your clickthrough rate. So we got the results for These keywords are the words that visitors write before entering Seo.


By asking a question like “What is SEO?” in the title, you are curious about the user. There is also another benefit of the bonus. This allows you to become a featured snippet; which will return you as a traffic increase. You can see an example of the featured snippet below.