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What is MySQL? What is MySQL used for? What are MySQL queries and issues. Everything you need to know about MySQL.

10+ SQL Query that will save the life of your WordPress

If you have a 10+ SQL Query WordPress, I regret to say that you have a lot of work to do in organizing and periodic maintenance. And in some cases, you may have to be quick for specific problems that you encounter. In such cases, working directly on the database can really save …

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MYSQL join two tables, MYSQL inner join

MYSQL join two tables, MYSQL inner join SELECT books.ADI as bookName, categories. CATEGORY as categoryName FROM books, categories WHERE books.KAT_ID = categories.ID AND bookName! = ”

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In SQL, insert data into another table, insert into select

SQL also throwing data from a table into another table. Add the data in the table to another table in SQL. With MySQL or phpMyAdmin, you can insert the data in the table into another table in SQL, insert into select. INSERT INTO data-to-move-table (field1, field2, field3) SELECT field-name-1, field-name-2, …

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