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10+ SQL Query that will save the life of your WordPress

If you have a 10+ SQL Query WordPress, I regret to say that you have a lot of work to do in organizing and periodic maintenance. And in some cases, you may have to be quick for specific problems that you encounter. In such cases, working directly on the database can really save lives. In this article you can see 10 + handy SQL query for WordPress. These quick and practical queries will certainly work for you when your WordPress is in a difficult state.

SQL query how to…

Let me briefly speak for those who do not know yet. SQL queries run in the MySQL command-line interpreter. Or it can be executed using a popular web interface, such as phpMyAdmin, which most of us use. I strongly recommend that you use the user-friendly interface and the SQL Executionner wordpress plugin, which allows direct interpretation of SQL queries.

Before queries…

Even though these SQL queries have been tested, don’t forget to make a backup of the database before you perform any queries.

Manually Changing your password

It could happen to you someday. The only solution if you forget your admin password is to create a new password in MySQL database. This is the only task of this interrogation. I would also like to draw your attention to the use of the MD5 function for password conversion only.

Transferring articles from one user to another

New WordPress users may not know or forget to write their articles with the name “admin” in terms of security. If you have made this error, you can transfer your old posts to the user you just created with this query. When using this query, you will need the old and new user name.

Delete Update information in posts

Update information can sometimes be useful. Especially in multi-user blogs. However, these update information is more than the records in the database appears. For example There are 100 pieces of articles on your blog and each one has been updated by editing it 10 times. All these transactions mean that the wp_posts table in the database has full 1000 records. However, it is enough to record 100 pieces.

This query helps to instantly delete the post update information and related text that we are talking about. It’s a very useful query to remove and relieve bulge in the database.

Deleting Spam comments in bulk

No need to say much, actually, the headline tells everything. It allows you to bulk delete spam comments accumulated in the checklist.

Find unused tags

tags are saved in the wp_terms table of the database. And sometimes there may be tags that have not been used since the day it was created. If you do not want these unused tags to occupy more space in the database, you can safely delete them with this query.

List unused text text

The meta information of the posts you write on your blog is created through plug-ins and custom fields. Most of the time, it causes the database to grow birdenire. You can list the meta information that occupies the database even though it is not used with this query.

Remove comments from old posts

For more than 1 year, the blog owner will know that the comments accumulated beneath the old posts are often unreadable, so they can take up unnecessary space. In the following query, you can instantly delete comments for posts before the date you specify by typing the date you want instead of 2009-01-01 . I’m guessing most people would be useful.

Change the Site links of reviewers

I mentioned how the replace () function in MySQL worked. The following query definitely proves it. In particular, it may be useful to change the URL addresses written for backlink.

Change the Email addresses of the reviewers

With this query, you can change the email addresses of the people who wrote the comments.

Delete comments found in Spam Link

Finally, a SQL query that is useful for you to avoid spam Links added in the form of comments to your blog. The “% wpbeginner%” section in the query means deleting all comments with the URL address between the “%” sign.


What Is the Difference Between Http and Https?

Today we are going to focus on a detail that we have seen a lot nowadays but do not know what it means and what is the difference between it. We’ll look at two text transfer preferences, the HTTPS protocol We see on these detail websites, and the other HTTP protocol. And have you ever wondered, what’s the difference between Http and Https?

What is Http?

As we know, Internet life began to appear in the 90s by society. The HTTP protocol was used for many years from the day it was removed. This protocol was at the top of the URL addresses in the search engines. The reason that the protocol is not safe is that it is not regarded as a robust reliable protocol by the community because it transfers stored information in a plain text form.

What is Https?
What is Https?

He was in a position to reach the data he had in the second person, except for the first. Due to the rapid advancement of today’s technology, we have developed systems that offer shopping opportunities in many Internet environments or access to our bank information. With the development of technology, the need to store the information and data of people in a safe way appeared.

The Http protocol is the text Transfer Protocol as a description. It allows people to transfer information about content in the Internet environment and data in the directory. In our age, it’s simply the HTTP protocol, a suggestion and answer agreement between the user and the file server.

What is Https?

The Https protocol is a security protocol that allows you to transfer data between the user and the file server as an encrypted connection. This protocol provides the need for “SSL certificate”. Usually, today’s shopping sites are used in the Internet banking system of the banks used, in short, most of the websites we need for our security. Here is the “SSL certificate” online shopping sites or when we will pay with the card, the credit card we entered for approval when transferring the transfer between the server and the encryption method is activated here. Thanks to this certificate, we are protecting our personal privacy on most sites today. When you see the https:// protocol in the URL link, you can understand that the site you are hosting contains the SSL certificate.

Benefits of using Https

SSL Certificate data contained in the Https protocol, i.e. when transferring personal information to the server, applies the encryption process during transmission. The browsers we use for Internet access will query the SSL certificate when we log in to this website, and when it detects the certificate it allows the user to activate and process the site. What if the browser does not detect the certificate? In this case, the user sends a declaration of a statement and asks whether they want to continue or not to enter the site you wish to login. In this way, people are confident about the security of the sites they want to log in and they do their operations with a secure connection.
Https With the SSL certificate included in the protocol, the event is fully encrypted with the encryption method when users transfer the credit card information they have entered in the billing and trade states they have made in the Web environment with the bank server . In this case, the possibility of users falling into the hands of fraudsters is eliminated and creates a safe environment.
One of the other benefits is that the HTTPS protocol provides users with a higher throughput rate. I mean, sites containing the https://protocol reflect on the screen by making a faster transfer to the users ‘ screen. This actually makes a contribution to the benefit of the site’s “seo” from a standpoint.
Difference between Http and Https
What’s the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? Surely, there are a number of differences between these two protocols, now let’s examine it differently.

The HTTPS protocol performs operations by transferring the familiar HTTP connections with the method of encrypting data. Because the encryption method is used in this process, no one can access the transferred data except the server and user. This encryption method is divided into 2. One is the SSL certificate and the other is the TSL security layer. When using a URL in any HTTPS protocol, it responds to the incoming request with the encryption method contained in the opposite file server. In this case, the user prefers a cryptographic method based on the response presented and modifies the file server certificates to confirm personal information. After the validation process finishes, the connection ends by confirming that the user and the server are using the same method.

How to switch to Https ;
If you have a website and the security of the user information on this site is very important, you must use an SSL certificate . Examples of this situation are the witness of e-commerce sites. Because the security of personal card information and identity information for users

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WordPress File Upload

WordPress doesn’t give a route to your site’s clients to transfer records or submit new substance.

On the off chance that you have a customer, site creators, or different clients who need to submit documents, you can utilize a module to add this usefulness to your site.

There are a bunch of fantastic modules that can add a document transfer structure to your site. Beneath you’ll locate the five best modules for adding frontend record transferring to WordPress.

WordPress File Upload Plugins

Each module underneath has a comparative usefulness and a couple of special highlights. Try to look at every one exclusively to settle on the best decision for your site.


WPForms structure module

Premium | Get this module

WPForms is my most loved structure module. I use it on our contact structure and the majority of alternate destinations I assemble.

I cherish this module since it’s amazingly natural for building custom structures. It’s additionally simple to incorporate a document transfer alternative. Indeed, it’s similarly as simple to incorporate the document transfer field as a name or email field.

A standout amongst the best purposes behind utilizing WPForms for document transfers is that you can set a size utmost on the record transfers and pick precisely which record augmentations you need clients to be permitted to transfer. This can be extremely valuable on the off chance that you just need to utilize JPG pictures and not PNG, for example.

In the event that you need to become familiar with WPForms, look at my full audit here. It has huge amounts of screen captures and couple of thousands expressions of top to bottom detail.


Effectively make any sort of structure you need

Add contingent rationale to appear/cover up changed fields

Custom email warnings and affirmations

Make boundless structures

Extra settings for record transfers

WordPress File Upload

WordPress File Upload module

Free | Get this module | Premium update

WordPress File Upload is a phenomenal module for enabling clients to transfer records. This module gives a shortcode which makes it simple to add a transfer structure to any post or page on your site.

Here’s an instructional exercise on shortcodes on the off chance that you’ve never utilized them.

You can utilize this module to add transfer structures to various spots, even in agreement.


Pick where to send transferred documents (Media Library or other goal)

Include various fields including checkboxes and email address fields

Send email notices upon transfer

Visual proofreader for modifying structure

Divert to another page after an accommodation

Frontend Uploader

Frontend Uploader module

Free | Get this module | No redesign

This module is incredible for giving clients a chance to submit substance to your site. While you can utilize it to give clients a chance to submit posts and pages, it can likewise deal with entries for custom post types.

Obviously, this module functions admirably for basic record transfers too.


Handles entries for all mainstream document types

Permits post, page, and custom post type accommodation

Shortcode for showing a structure anyplace

Shortcode is exceedingly adjustable

WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend module

Free | Get this module | Premium update

WordPress has worked in help for different writers enabling them to compose and alter their posts from the standard administrator menus. While access to fundamental settings is confined, you may not need them to utilize your site’s administrator menus by any means. This is the place WP User Frontend proves to be useful.

WP User Frontend to gives clients a chance to make and alter profiles, and submit posts without getting to your site’s backend. It has a profundity of usefulness for permitting visitor creators on your site, and the top notch form is particularly highlight rich.


Give clients a chance to submit posts from the frontend

Propelled profile altering

Show anyplace with custom shortcodes

Custom post type support

Email updates for entries, distribution, and buys in/withdraws

Transfer pictures and some other document type

Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress

Ajax Multi Upload module

$13 | Get this module

The Ajax Multi Upload module makes it simple to add Ajax-fueled structures to your site. By utilizing Ajax, clients would auto be able to transfer and submit records through a structure without expecting to reload the page. This makes for a smoother client experience.


Ajax-controlled structures

Single and different record transfers

Coordinates well with different structures

Farthest point the number and size of transfers

Transfer measurements

Gravity Forms Advanced File Uploader

Gravity Forms Advanced File Uploader module

Free | Get this module | No overhaul

In conclusion, we have Gravity Forms Advanced File Uploader.

This module adds extra usefulness to the Gravity Forms module. It makes another structure field for permitting document transfers. On the frontend, it makes a custom transfer structure with a record program where clients can oversee and transfer numerous documents.


Combination with Gravity Forms

Takes into consideration different transfers without a moment’s delay

Simple to-utilize transfer structure for clients

Intuitive transferring

Point of confinement record size and number of documents

Assessing the best record transfer modules

The WordPress File Upload module is likely best for fundamental record transferring needs, while Frontend Upload is presumably the best decision for enabling clients to submit posts and substance.

WP User Frontend has more highlights for letting creators make point by point profiles, and Ajax Multi Upload makes for the quickest, smoothest transfer involvement. For anybody utilizing Gravity Forms, the Gravity Forms Advanced File Uploader module will be an incredible fit.

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Why Use WordPress?

Fledglings “Why use WordPress should I use?” they frequently make the inquiry. The old my site isn’t adequate? For what reason do I need to move to WordPress? In the event that you are making these inquiries, you are in the correct spot now. Beneath, you can perceive any reason why you should utilize WordPress , you can utilize and which ways WordPress employments of data about your identity.

Numerous individuals, (mistakenly) as an equivalent word for a blogging stage WordPress. This is valid before, WordPress throughout the years has developed into a vigorous and solid substance the executives framework. WordPress’ as yet a basic blog despite the fact that you can utilize them to set up, this stage enormous sites and versatile applications just as to create enough case.

The best piece of WordPress is anything but difficult to utilize and be adaptable so that it can fit pretty much everything. The fundamental reason of this WordPress is popular to the point that. As per a study by the ongoing, WordPress 25% all sites on the web of the substance the executives framework. A large number of the greatest brand due to sites with powerful highlights for WordPress. These brands incorporate Time magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, New York Times, CNN, e-Bay’s profile is written in Dutch.

Presently how about we investigate why you should utilize WordPress.

WordPress Is Free

WordPress is free programming, so you can download this product for nothing out of pocket, can be set up, and you can change the manner in which you need. Each sort of site you need with WordPress you can do. Open source in light of the fact that the source code is available to everybody to survey and change.

As of now available with more than 2600 free WordPress subject and more than 31,000 free extra. This subject and numerous modules accessible to be downloaded from the site.

Because of the way that a network of open source WordPress programming. Most by far of the coherence of the product WordPress’ who are keen on a custom WordPress improvement Advisor gives a vast volunteer gathering. Everybody’s answering to inquiries by composing the fix, support, by making WordPress interpretation module, topic and WordPress can add to refreshing the reports. Some portion of this gigantic network utilizing WordPress. Gets the other network individuals from the no-charge support, you can download free modules and subjects, even in the wake of having some involvement in WordPress you can offer help in business.

WordPress, it’s anything but difficult to learn and utilize

WordPress is utilized by a large number of individuals and this number pretty much consistently new clients being included. The reason individuals utilization of WordPress now entirely simple.

WordPress Themes and Plugins by utilizing the Extensible

WordPress utilizes the vast majority is the thing that creator what is the software engineer. Truth be told, these people b load some portion of WordPress to utilize web composition without have no learning of.

WordPress has such a perfect stage is the motivation to browse a large number of free topic and should be possible along these lines, the kazandırabilmeniz look you need on your site. For practically any kind of site it is conceivable to discover a WordPress topic. Those topics are additionally genuinely simple to custom-tailor the demand on the grounds that a large portion of this topic without composing any code to alter the hues, logo transfer, gives you a chance to change the foundation and the data expected to play out a great deal of choices inclinations board.

WordPress is uncommon adaptable stage and can be reached out as asked for by utilizing modules. Much the same as in the subject, you can utilize the a huge number of free and premium modules is likewise accessible. These modules are not conveying additional usefulness to WordPress, WordPress likewise add your site to an altogether new stage.

WordPress Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is composed utilizing the standard astounding code and your site for the web indexes is an exceptionally striking produces a semantic markup that makes the framework. In the meantime utilizing WordPress is SEO inviting and SEO module you can take this element significantly further.

WordPress’ Manage Very Easy

WordPress module and topic in your WordPress administrator board, güncelleyebilmenizi gives an updater. Another adaptation of WordPress this updater when you advise you with the goal that you can refresh your stage by clicking a solitary catch. And after that creation ordinary WordPress Backup, you can ensure your substance.

WordPress It’s Safe

WordPress has been created to be sheltered from the earliest starting point, subsequently a safe stage for sites is considered reasonably. Be that as it may, similarly as in reality, the web can be perilous now and again as well. We found the chance to visit the Web locales of individuals who need to sneak has dependably been and will be. It security dangers, for example, stages for each time you utilize the Sucuri.

WordPress can be utilized with Different sorts of Media

When you use WordPress, you don’t restricted to composing just content. This stage pictures, sound and video, you can take the substance of a help. Likewise, it is additionally conceivable to record or document the board with WordPress.

WordPress supports oEmbed feature sites, so pasting the URL in your post only YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, Soundcloud, you can download audio files. In fact, even if your visitor’s comments part of possible installation videos

Which Ways To Use WordPress?

WordPress can be used in many ways such as those listed below:

– E-store

– Blog

– Content Management System

– Gallery

– Portfolio

– Rating Website

– Video Collection Site

– Membership Site

Note that these are just a few examples of. WordPress hosting package that is compatible with your web site and your blog publish easy-to-use, secure, fast!


WordPress SEO Plugins? How To Install?

WordPress SEO plugins developed for sites, stable Google works according to the rules. WordPress SEO on your site can be your choice to do manually, but WordPress plugins that can make your work easier with.
An important feature of this plugin on your site’s General and resource consumption is not force. We found the proposal 2 plugin for common property managements.

  • Support for the keyword for the blog posts.
  • Blog post analysis SEO compatibility information
  • Automatic XML constructor.
  • Lookup view edit option
  • The content view of the regulators
  • Social media display
  • Automatic RSS constructor
  • Google Search Console support
  • Yandex, Bing, Google support
  • Key words, Meta, Title and URL support.

Common features of add-ins with different properties. We recommend as an add-in is a plugin called SEO, YOAST. Many users uses this plugin, it’s just not about SEO site infrastructure and a necessary and useful improvements.
Important Note: The article made the installation of the add-in example. Before the installation of the add-in, the add-in you want to establish the number of downloads, update versions and check compatibility of your theme.
Follow the steps for the installation of the plugin.

Yoast SEO plugin Setup and settings

1-login to your WordPress admin panel. ( )
2-administration panel located on the left menu “Plugins Add New >>” tab.
3-on the right side at the top search section “Yoast SEO” continue typing. Download the plugin at the bottom of the selected one. (When installing the plugin, updated time, installation of the number, rank value and note that your version of the theme compatibility.)

4-install now to start the Setup process later by saying “will”Enablebutton is active after aktifleştirdikten “Installed Plugins” you will be redirected to. At the bottom of the “add-ins”YOAST SEO”Settings” tab, click here, or in the menu on the left on the bottom with the plugin click on the menu item “SEO”.

5-General Settings page that opens is part of SEO, YOAST. When you installed the YOAST plugin SEO tool automatically settings as standard. General main settings of the plugin setting default as you don’t have to. When you type keywords and tag your blog post, you should pay attention to.

Search The Appearance: Google on the web site, you can set the appearance of the “TITLE”

Search In The Console: You can Google Search Console authentication.

Social: You can write your social media accounts.

Tools: Yoast SEO plugin developed the “import/export, File Editor, Batch Editor”, you can use tools such as.

6-to be considered when writing a Blog post about. Along with the main keyword SEO makes the configuration of YOAST typed post, SEO would be how effective points. Sentences, words that are incorrectly shows as an error.

All in SEO Pack Plugin Setup and settings

1-log in to your WordPress admin panel. ( )
2-administration panel located on the left menu “Plugins Add New >>” tab.
3-on the right side at the top in the search section and then continue by typing “All in SEO”. Download the plugin at the bottom of the selected one. (When installing the plugin, updated time, installation of the number, rank value and note that your version of the theme compatibility.)

4-install now to start the Setup process then saying “Activate” button will be enabled after you will be redirected to the add-in interface aktifleştirdikten. The plug-in interface useful documents. To see the General settings “All in One SEO” in the menu on the left you can see at the top.

5-General Settings section of the plugin. Yoast SEO automatically as default configuration. You can configure it as you wish.