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How to Create a Quote Calculator in WordPress (Step by Step)

how to create a quote calculator in wordpress

Do you want to create a quote calculator in WordPress?

A quote calculator allows your customers to select the products/services they want to get an instant quote or price.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a quote calculator in WordPress, step by step without writing any code.

Creating a Quote Calculator with WordPress

With a quote calculator, your customers can select different products or services and apply filters to check the prices before submitting their orders.

To create a quote calculator, you’ll need to use the Formidable Forms plugin.

While there are a lot of different plugins that provide you with quote calculation, here are a few ways how Formidable Forms stands out from them.

  • Create a complex quote form or order form easily with too many variables.
  • Create a standalone order form and instantly show the total price.
  • Integrate with WooCommerce to create a seamless shopping experience.

The Formidable Forms plugin comes with multiple form templates that you can use to create any form quickly. These form templates are easy to customize thanks to drag and drop builder. You can also use the blank template to add custom fields and set up a form that you like.

Let’s take a look at this step by step guide on how to properly create a quote calculator in WordPress.

Step 1: Create a Quotation Form

Of course, the first thing you need to do is to install Formidable Forms on your site. It offers a template that you can use to create your quotation form instantly.

But before you do that make sure you have added the products / services you want to sell and specify their costs. There are multiple ways to display the pricing options on your form. You can use radio boxes, checkboxes, or dropdown fields to add the products.

Check boxes and radio buttons

Use the drag and drop form builder to add field types to display your options.

Next, you can click on any field to see the options on the left-hand side of the screen. The default options will be ‘Option 1’, ‘Option 2’, etc. You can go ahead and replace the text with your product names.

Now, check the Use Separate Values option to add prices next to each product. Feel free to add more options to the list if you want.

Use separate values

These values will be helpful to calculate the total prices for selected products automatically.

You can use the advanced options to customize the style settings for different fields.

Step 2: Add a Read-Only Field to Display Total Price

Next, you need to add a Number field on your form to display the total price. This number field should be set to read-only so that the users will be unable to edit the total price.

In the Advanced Options section, you’ll find a Default Value option. You need to click on the calculator icon and then click on the menu icon.

Advanced options

It will display the Calculate Default Value options. In this section, you need to add decimal places. The suggested value is ‘2’ for calculating the price.

Default value

In the Field List section below, you can go ahead and search the fields that you want to calculate in the form. Select the name or id of the fields to add them to the list.

You can see an example of how the plugin will display the total prices on the basis of the user’s product selection.

Total price calculation

Whenever the user changes products or categories, it will update the price in the quote calculator automatically.

Step 3: Add Payment Methods in Your Quote Calculator Form

After calculating and displaying the total price, you need to add the payment method for users to complete the purchase. The Formidable Forms plugin comes with multiple addons to add payment options, including Stripe,, PayPal, etc.

You can select a payment method. Most of these methods use credit cards as an option to collect the payments online.

Credit card

Add the credit card field and customize it in the Field Options section.

Step 4: Publish and Display the Quote Calculator in WordPress

Now your quote calculator form is ready. You can publish and display it on any product page in WordPress.

To publish the form in the Gutenberg block editor, you can add a new block and choose Formidable Forms. Then, you can select your quote calculator form.

If you’re using the Classic editor, then click on the Formidable icon above the editor. It’ll open a popup, and you can select the quote calculator form. Click on the Insert button to add the form on your page.

That’s all.

We hope this article helped you learn how to create a quote calculator form in WordPress. You may also want to check out our guide on how to submit a form without page refresh in WordPress.

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#1 WordPress Theme Customization Plugin

Do you want to edit CSS of your themes without writing any code? CSS Hero is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to edit CSS of any WordPress theme directly from the front-end using a live preview. In this CSS Hero review, we will take a look at its features, performance, and ease of use.

css hero logo

What Is CSS Hero and How Does It Work?

CSS Hero is a powerful visual CSS editor for WordPress powered websites. It allows you to customize the appearance of your WordPress site using a live preview mode with easy graphical user interface. No coding or any knowledge of CSS or HTML is required.

The majority of WordPress users are not web developers. These users don’t know much CSS/HTML to edit or customize their site’s appearance. If there is no option to change something in their theme, no matter how small or easy it is, they are stuck with it.

CSS Hero claims that any WordPress user can customize visual appearance of their websites without writing code.

Having said that, let’s take a look at CSS Hero.

CSS Hero Review: Pros & Cons


Let’s take a look at the few advantages of using CSS Hero.

  • Customize your site’s appearance without the bloat
  • Point and click feature makes it easy to edit your style right from the frontend
  • Easy undo and redo options
  • Integrated device modes
  • Even the basic pricing plan comes bundled with all features out of the box

Now, let’s see a few limitations of CSS Hero.

Even though you can use the plugin forever with a one-time fee, you’ll have to renew the license if you want updates after one year.

The priority support is only available with the Lifetime Pro, the most expensive plan.

Easy WordPress Theme Customization With CSS Hero

The first and the most noticeable thing about CSS Hero is its ease of use. After installing and activating the plugin, simply visit the front-end of your website.

You will notice a CSS Hero button on the front end of your website. Clicking on it will expand the CSS Hero interface and you can start customizing your theme with live preview visible at all times.

css hero customization

The visual editor in CSS Hero is very easy to use. Simply click on the pointer and then click on any element on your website. CSS Hero will load its CSS classes and you can start customizing it.

All element properties that you can customize are displayed as buttons. Like text, background, border, size, margin, padding, etc. Simply click on a property, and CSS hero will show you what you can do with it.

There are buttons, sliders, and easy controls to increase or decrease sizes, values, and almost everything you can do with CSS.

Revert Back at Anytime to Any Point With CSS Hero

When customizing a website, you may try something and not like it. You may try a couple of things first and then decide to go back to the first change you made.

css hero edit history

CSS Hero allows you to easily go back to any changes you made and undo them. You can also browse different states to see which one you like better and then activate it.

This feature is a great help for beginners who just want to try different things. If something doesn’t work out the way you expected, you always have the option to revert back.

Mobile Testing and Customization With CSS Hero

CSS Hero allows you to easily preview your website on different devices and screen sizes. You can also edit and customize how your site looks on the mobile using the same user interface.

css hero device compatibility

Testing and previewing a website on different devices is difficult for beginners. Not to mention making changes to their mobile responsive WordPress themes.

CSS Hero makes it possible to preview and edit the mobile appearance of your site. You get all the same features and ease of use when editing your site’s mobile appearance.

CSS Hero Compatibility with WordPress Themes and Plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugins and themes available for WordPress. Some of these themes and plugins may not be following the standard best practices for WordPress development.

Performance and Miscellaneous Features of CSS Hero

CSS Hero works on all modern web browsers. It utilizes JavaScript and other modern web development technologies. Surprisingly, the user experience is very smooth and we did not feel any sluggish behavior even when used on an old Linux machine.

Apart from the important features that we have mentioned above, CSS Hero comes with a lot more.

  • Color Picker tool allows you to pick colors from anywhere
  • Export your CSS Hero changes in a minified CSS file
  • Use complex CSS properties like Gradients, box shadows, etc. with ease
  • Built in support for 600+ Google Fonts
  • Easily reset to your theme defaults

Is CSS Hero the Right Solution for You?

CSS Hero is definitely not a one-size-fits-for-all solution to all your customization needs. Before you dive in and purchase the plugin, it’s worth taking a moment to see if it could make your life easier.

Buy CSS Hero if…

  • You want to customize the appearance (styling) of your existing theme with ease without writing code
  • You don’t want to mess up your post with shortcodes
  • You’re a developer who want to customize CSS quickly and easily
  • You need to customize CSS in conjunction with your page builder plugin
  • You don’t want to hard code your existing CSS file.

Don’t buy CSS Hero if

You’re looking for a plugin that lets you build a custom-built standalone page with lots of new features. Or if you want a plugin that lets you replace the default WordPress editor with a brand new one.

In these cases, you might want to consider a page builder plugin instead.

Pricing and Support Options for CSS Hero

css hero pricing

CSS Hero is a paid plugin with three levels of pricing plan. Their starter plan comes at $29 per year and is valid for a single site. The premium plan is priced at $59 per year and you can use it on 5 sites. Their best plan is the pro which comes at $199 per year and you can use it on 999 sites. It also comes with an addon plugin called Hero Inspector.

All plans include one-year premium support and updates.

Support is provided using a ticket-based system. CSS Hero also comes with extensive documentation, which is particularly helpful for users who like to solve problems on their own.

Our Verdict on CSS Hero Plugin

We were truly impressed by how easy it is to use CSS Hero. It has a nice simple clutter-free interface which is very intuitive. The out of box experience is excellent, it works as promised. Pricing options are very reasonable and the documentation is quite extensive and well written.

We give CSS Hero 5 out of 5 stars. Here is the breakdown of our review score.

Get CSS Hero Now »
See CSS Hero Coupon »

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BirchPress vs. Start Booking – Which One is Better?


Want to add an online booking system to your WordPress website?

Using a booking plugin can be a great strategy to manage your registrations and online bookings easily for your business. A booking plugin also makes it simpler and convenient for your users to make a booking right from your website without having to visit your office.

Since there are dozens of booking plugins on the WordPress market, choosing the right one for your business can be intimidating.

However, by narrowing down your options to BirchPress and Start Booking, you have already headed in the right direction.

BirchPress vs. Start Booking – Comparison

In today’s article, we will compare BirchPress and Start Booking in detail and help you find out which one is the best choice for you.

In doing so, we’ll consider 5 main aspects –

1. Onboarding

BirchPress is a powerful appointment booking plugin that offers you the easiest way to create online appointment forms for your business. With this plugin, you can also send email notifications and reminders to your users when the appointments are booked, rescheduled, or canceled.

BirchPress offers a user-friendly and convenient way to get started. After you install and activate the plugin, you can go to Appointments » Settings. Here you can easily configure your plugin settings.

You have several options here. From setting up your time zone, date and time format, currency, booking preferences and more it has great options to make your bookings simpler for your users.

You can also quickly customize your appointment forms. It offers tons of amazing pre-built templates that you can use. If you are accepting payments on your website, you can do that too, via PayPal.

Start Booking is another popular solution for business that deals with online bookings and registrations. Using this plugin, you can create several services that your users can register for. You can also send appointment reminders to your users, assign tasks to specific staff and do a lot more to make bookings and registrations easy for you and your users.

Start Booking is also pretty easy to get started with. Once you install the plugin on your website, you can go to the plugin dashboard and complete the configuration process. You just need to signup to create an account with them. So go ahead and do that and start building your forms.

But before that, on your WordPress dashboard, go to Booking » Settings. You will have the following page on your screen.

On the left-hand side of your screen, you will see several options. Under the General tab, you can open or close your bookings. You can show the number of openings on your site, select the currency that you accept and more.

You can also change your time zone, under the TimeZone and Locale tab.

If you want to add a payment option, go to the Integration tab. The plugin lets you connect to Stripe for accepting payments with ease.


Tie! Both plugins offer easy ways to get started. Even if you have no prior experience, you can handle them like a pro. So there’s no clear winner in this case. Both are equally good.

2. Features

BirchPress offers great features to make your booking services simple and quick. With this plugin, you can –

  • book appointments
  • add locations
  • services and providers
  • calander sync
  • accept online payments

and more. The best thing is that you can handle everything right from your dashboard.

To add a new appointment, just go to BirchPress » Appointments » New Appointments. You will then have the following page on your screen.

You can manage everything from a single page. Under appointment info, you can set the date, time, location, provider’s name and even enable the display of available slots.

Under the client’s info, you have the basic information options, using which you can notify the user about the appointment. You can also add additional information if you want.

It also has separate options for adding the locations, providers, and services. The plugin makes it super easy to keep things organized. So you can add additional information on the individual options if you like.

For example, if you click on the Providers option, you’ll see that you have options to integrate your calendar with BirchPress. This will keep you updated about your events and meetings. You can also add you off days.

Start Booking also offers a good number of features.

With this plugin, you can –

  • book single and multi-appointments
  • view and manage grouped appointments
  • check-in and check-out features
  • appointment overview with customer details, service, notes
  • assign staff

and more.

Once you are done installing and setting up the plugin, you can log in to Start Booking with the same email address that you used while it’s setup. In your Start Booking dashboard, you’ll see all the features.

Start Booking dashboard

You can go to each of these options and add your details there. Add your user details, available days with timings, check your stats, accept payments and do more. You can also integrate your account with different platforms like Google, Stripe, WordPress, etc.

To notify your registered users, you can email them as well. So you have the option to choose what you want to notify them about.

Overall, as you compare the two plugins, it’s evident that the Start Booking has too many features than BirchPress.

Winner: Start Booking

3. Ease of Use

BirchPress is super easy to use and handle. You can do everything from your WordPress dashboard without having to hop on to another platform. So anyone who has used WordPress before will find it super easy to use BirchPress.

Start Booking, on the other hand, can be a little complicated in this regard. You cannot handle your bookings from your WordPress dashboard directly.

Instead, you will have to log in to your Start booking account every time you want to use it. This might be time-consuming and annoying to some users.

Also if you are using it for the first time, you might have to spend some time figuring out how to work with it.


In terms of ease of use, BirchPress has the edge over Start Booking. It is a user-friendly plugin that even a novice can handle quickly and easily.

4. Support

BirchPress has a support team who can be reached out to by submitting a ticket. They also have extensive documentation that answers any question that you might have. You can also check out their FAQ section whenever you need assistance.

Similarly, Start Booking also accept support queries via support tickets. They also have an extensive knowledge base that guides you through every aspect of setting up the plugin for accepting online bookings.

Winner: Tie!

5. Pricing

BirchPress offers 3 pricing plans and the cheapest starts at $99.

Here are the pricing details:

  • Personal: $99
  • Business: $199
  • Business+: $249

They used to have a free plugin that you can install from the WordPress plugin repository. But suspended it due to security issues. However, from their pricing page, you can still download the free version.

Unlike BirchPress, Start Booking has a recurring billing. Their pricing starts at $7.99 per month


In the long term, BirchPress is the winner here because it can be set up with a one-time fee.

Start Booking vs. BirchPress: Our Verdict

Both Start Booking and BirchPress have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. But after our comparison, we believe Start Booking is a better option.

It’s easy and has way too many features than its contenders. However, if you’re looking for a WordPress-specific plugin that doesn’t require you to set up an account on another site to manage your appointments, then BirchPress could be the best choice.

You might also want to check out our complete BirchPress review.

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Driving Conversions With Social Proof App

Did you ever notice that 98% of your visitors leave your website without taking any action?

Most people abandon your website because they aren’t sure if your products/services are trustworthy enough.

We know how discouraging it is to know that people don’t trust your work. But don’t worry. You can now convince your users to believe that you can offer them what they want and they can trust you without giving a second thought.

You can do that by showing them the real-time social proof of your business with the TrustPulse software.

TrustPulse is a FOMO and social notification software that helps you leverage the power of social proof to build trust and boost your conversions and sales.

In this TrustPulse review, we gives you detailed insights into its features and also look at how to use it on your website to display your notifications. In doing so we’ll cover:

  • Why use TrustPulse
  • TrustPulse Overview
  • Features
  • How to Use TrustPulse
  • Ease of Use
  • Pricing
  • What We Think About TrustPulse

So let’s get started.

Why Use the TrustPulse Social Notification Plugin

Nobody cares what you say about your business. With a social proof app, you can let people know what your customers think about your product and encourage users to purchase it from you.

Displaying social proof about your business is like adding a testimonial for your visitors. It’s a great way to add credibility to your work. Plus, it helps your clients have an unbiased opinion about your business which in return can help establish trust.

With TrustPulse, you can let your visitors know the legitimacy of your business by showing them the real-time action taken on your website by your users. This can be any action. You can notify them about a recent sale, free trial or email newsletter signup done by a user.

By knowing that others are using your products/services, your visitors will be encouraged to take action without hesitation. That happens because these notifications verify the authenticity of your business.

So TrustPulse helps you leverage the real power of social proof to increase trust, enhance conversion and boost your sales.

TrustPulse – An Overview


As mentioned above, TrustPulse is a marketing automation software that helps you leverage the power of social proof to increase your website conversion. Using it, you can track and highlight the real-time purchase, signups, customer activity and more to convince people to take the desired action on your site.

To boost your conversion rate, you can use the smart targeting option to display user actions to the right people at the right time. The best thing is that all of this can be done without coding a single line.

Even in terms of design, TrustPulse has done a wonderful job. It comes with beautiful pre-built, ready-to-use designs that are visually stunning. Besides, this software is easy to use and 100% effective in driving users into customers. So you can see instant results right after you start using it on your site.

TrustPulse Features

TrustPulse comes with amazing features to help you boost your conversions and sales. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. On Fire Notifications

This feature lets you display the real-time action that people take on your website. So your visitors will be able to see the real-time notification if a purchase is made, or a user signs up, etc. By displaying these notifications on your landing page and checkout pages, you can also incite the fear of missing out on your visitors. It’s a great way to encourage your visitors to take action right away.

2. Smart Targeting

With the smart targeting feature, you can easily display these notifications and social proof to visitors just at the moment they need to see them. TrustPulse lets you control the targeting rules and timings, so you can easily use it to boost conversions.

3. Real-time Event Tracking

With TrustPulse, it’s possible to track all the live actions taking place on your site. You can use it to display these actions as notifications to your visitors. This includes purchases, demo registrations, form submissions, newsletter signups, etc.

4. Analytics

The software also lets you check your statistics. Using this feature, you can easily track your conversion goals and know which page is gaining the highest conversions.

5. Compatibility

TrustPulse integrates seamlessly with different platforms like WordPress, Magento, SquareSpace, Drupal, etc. So irrespective of your CMS, you can easily use this software if you really want to boost your conversions.

These are just a few features that the software offers. There’s a lot more you can have.

How to Use TrustPulse

As already mentioned above, TrustPulse works like a testimonial for you. It lets you display your customer’s actions in real-time that acts like true recommendations from people who trust your product/services.

Once you have created an account with TrustPulse, you can start creating your campaigns right from its dashboard. But before that, you’ll have to connect it with your website. You can use the Add Your First Site button for that.

truspulse review

In the next step, add a campaign name and your URL.

Once done, you can start creating your campaign. The first step in doing so is to work on the appearance and design of the website. You can design your campaign using the various options offered by the software. You can choose a language, work on the message you want to display, add links (to your product page) and do a lot more.

You also have the option to select the position where you want your notification to be displayed, add a notification size, add animations and more.

TrustPulse Campaign design

If you want more options, just scroll down and select the Advanced Settings option. With these options, you can make your campaign visually appealing.

TrustPulse Campaign design and style

The next step is to capture your user’s activities. Here you’ll have 2 options:

If you choose the AutoMagic option, you can simply add the URL of the pages that you want the software to track for activities. You can also add the URL of a page where you want your visitors to be sent upon conversion.

Once done, save your settings for the tool to start tracking your onsite activities. For using the second option, you have to have a Zapier account.

If you don’t have one, then the 1st option is good to go. In the next step, you can add your own rules about these notifications. So here you can select where you want these notifications to be displayed, select the display duration, etc. Basically, these options allow you to have full control over the rules of your notifications.

notification setting rules, trustpulse rules

You have more options under the Advanced Settings tab. You can use these if you want to hide/display notifications from anonymous users, select the maximum number of notifications to display at a time and so on.

TrustPulse rules

The final step is to publish your campaign on your website. TrustPulse will now generate a code for you that you need to copy and paste within the body tag of your website template file. Once done, the tool will immediately start tracking your website activities and as soon as it detects an action it will display it to your visitors.

Ease of Use

TrustPulse is super easy to use. In order to set up, it doesn’t need you to code a single line. Everything can be done with just a click of the mouse. So even if you don’t have prior experience using it, you can handle it with ease.


TrustPulse offers 4 different pricing plans. You can start with the free trial period for each of these.

TrustPulse Pricing

Depending on the number of sessions your website generates, you can select the best plan for your business. Each of these plans includes a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with what it offers.

The best thing is that it has a free plan for beginners too. If your site has 500 sessions or less, then you don’t have to pay anything.

Our Verdict on Using TrustPulse

After checking out all the features and testing how user-friendly the app is, we feel that TrustPulse can be a great addition to your site. It is super simple to handle and even a novice can use it with ease. The features are amazing too.

You can set your own rules for displaying the notifications, which gives you full control over your site.

If you want to check out more plugins that let you add social proof to your site, check out our article on the best social proof plugins for WordPress.

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How to Add an Affiliate Program in WordPress (Step by Step)

adding Affiliate prog to estore

Wondering how to set up an affiliate program in WordPress?

Setting up an affiliate program is one of the easiest ways to encourage people to promote your products. People can promote your product on their website and when someone makes a purchase through their referral, the promoters earn a commission.

The role of an affiliate program is to track referral sales and commissions.

Why Add an Affiliate Program to Promote Your Products

No matter what you sell online, setting up an affiliate program is one of the easiest ways to promote your products. By adding an affiliate program, you get a chance to promote your business via referrals and it also enables you to reach out to thousands of people without putting much effort.

For example, if a blogger signs up for your program that has 10,000 subscribers, it means that by allowing them to promote your business on their site and social profiles, you’re actually reaching out to 10,000 people all at once. Best of all, you only have to pay them when their users make a purchase on your site.

So the more affiliates you attract the more people you reach out to without really spending tons of extra money on advertising and marketing your business.

It’s basically a revenue-sharing business which is a win-win situation for both you and the ones who sign up for your affiliate program. Now that you know what affiliate program is all about, let’s take a look at how to add an affiliate program to your WooCommerce website.

How to Add an Affiliate Program to Your WordPress Website

Adding an affiliate program to your WordPress website can be easy if you use the right plugin. Affiliate Royale is one such plugin that we recommend to all our users.

With this plugin, it’s so much easier to start your affiliate program without having to go through any complicated and time-consuming process. It is a complete solution for anyone who wants to start an affiliate program to promote their business.

Affiliate Royale is an affiliate network management software that lets you monitor and track all your affiliate click, sales and payments right from your website. Not only does it allow users to join your program from your website, but it also lets you save fees that you would otherwise pay to a third-party affiliate network.

You can start using it on single or multiple websites by purchasing it that requires just a one-time payment.

Step 1: Installing Affiliate Royale on Your WordPress Site

Installing Affiliate Royale on your WordPress site is just like installing any other plugin. You’ll first have to go to its official website and then download the plugin by making the payment ($85 for the merchant edition).

affiliate royale

Once the software is downloaded, go to your website dashboard and click on Plugins » Add New » Upload. Now upload the software that you have just downloaded and click on the Activate button to make it start working. You’ll now have a user-friendly dashboard where you can start creating the login pages for your users.

Step 2: Creating Your Affiliate Pages

Once you’ve activated the plugin, Affiliate Royale will automatically let you create 3 different types of pages. A page through which users can

To create these pages start by logging in to your Affiliate Royale dashboard. Now click on the Affiliate Royale option » Affiliate Program pages. You’ll see the following options on your screen.

add affiliate program to ecommerce

From the dropdown arrow, select the auto-create new page option. Upon selecting this option Affiliate Royale will automatically create the pages for you. You can also use your own page. For that, you’ll first have to create your page.

This can be done by going to Pages » Add New on your WordPress dashboard. Then go ahead and save your page. After saving the page you can use it by selecting the particular page from the dropdown arrow.

Once done just save your settings. Your settings will automatically be changed to something like this:

Affiliate Royale settings

In the signup page, you can add fields for letting your user sign up for your program.

affiliate signup

In the affiliate management dashboard, your users can easily monitor their stats, edit their account information, download their links & banners and view their payment history, etc.

Affiliate Royale dashboard

Step 3: Setting up Commission Levels

The next step is to add the commission level. Commission levels allow you to create varying percentages paid to affiliates and parent-affiliates. It encourages your affiliates to promote your affiliate program.

To add this percentage, you’ll find the option below the option to add your pages. Click on the Commission Settings option. Under that, you’ll see another option called Level.

To make it simple to understand, let’s say affiliate A refers a new affiliate, Affiliate B where affiliate A is the parent affiliate of affiliate B. And suppose you have set two different commission levels:

Now when a sale is made through Affiliate A, Affiliate A get’s 10% of the sale and Affiliate B gets nothing. When a sale is made through Affiliate B, Affiliate B gets 10% and Affiliate A gets 5%.

So depending on the commission you want to allot, add your levels and define the commission in the field next to it.

affiliate royale commisiion settings

To add more levels, just click on the Add level button. You’ll also see another option called strong>Recurring Commissions.

Only enable this option if your product or service needs a subscription. In that case, your affiliate will continue getting their share of commission every time a user renews the subscription. You should keep this option disabled if your product is available for a one-time purchase.

Step 4: Creating Links and Banners for Your Affiliates

The next step is to create links and banners for your affiliates. These are used by your affiliate to promote your product or service. When a user signs up for your affiliate program, they can see these links and banners on their dashboard. Generally, Affiliate Royale doesn’t need you to create these links manually. You can simply use the default link that it creates for you.

It appears on the top of each tab in the Affiliate Dashboard. It appears something like this:

But if you want to create a custom link, that’s possible too. You can create this link right from your Affiliate Royale dashboard by scrolling a little downwards on the same page where you created the above options. You’ll see the following options.

Under the first option, select Text or Banner by clicking on the dropdown menu. If you choose Text then the Upload form in the Text/Image column will automatically change into a Text field. Under the Target URL, add the link to your Product page. This is where your end users will land when an affiliate directs them to your site.

The next option is the slug. This is the term or word you want to add at the end of your link. For example in this URL, xyz is the slug.

The last option is the Text/Image option. This might vary based on the option you choose under the link type you choose. If you select the text, then you won’t be able to upload an image. Rather, you can add text to it. If you want to upload an image, select the Banner option.

Just below this option, you’ll find another option called the Default Affiliate Link. Check this box if you want this custom link to be your default link. It will then replace the default link on the top of your dashboard tabs.

Step 5: Integrating Payment Options

The next step is to set up payment options. Affiliate Royale supports and integrates with various payment options like PayPal, WishList Member, Shopp, Cart66, ARB, WP E-Commerce, JigoShop, MarketPress, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.

Depending on your preferred option, you can select one by checking the box next to it. You don’t have to go through any extra set up process to get started with most of these options. The plugin automatically takes care of it. So you can get started right away.

So that’s it. Isn’t it easy to add affiliate programs with Affiliate Royale? We hope this article was helpful to you. If you want to know how to get started with an online store, click here.

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