Increase Traffic and Ranking in Search Engine 7 Title Tag (Title Tag) Tactic

You can now assume that the title tag in SEO is not very important and does not affect the rankings. But when we think about the rate of clicking on the link; We can’t ignore that the title still has a big impact. If the title is increased, your traffic will increase. Traffic allows you to increase in ranking.

So you can try to increase the traffic of your site by changing the first thing your visitors see. The following 7 tips can help you with this process; But don’t think it’s all right for your site. You can achieve real success through experimenting with different tactics. You can try some of these tips and have an idea about your title tag strategy.

How to be a Seo Title Search Engine


The presence of a number in the title tag attracts visitors ‘ attention. Titles like ” 5 ways to Lose Weight”,“unemployment rate increased to 13%” encourage visitors to click on the link. This is because psychology is a phenomenon called ‘ cognitive bias ‘. Our brains choose things that attract attention and provide specific data. We’ll drown out a lot of information while we look at the search results. Our brains are looking for a result that can rely on and attract attention. At this point, it leads to the most likely data, i.e. numbers. You can increase your traffic in this way by using a number in the title tag.


Let’s look at a more specific type of number this time. “2017 SEO Trends”, will draw attention to a title in the style. It is also possible to give a more detailed date: “7 May 2017 match.” This strategy may not be suitable for every situation; But it will help you to sort your content by date, as well as to trigger the desire for visitors to reach up-to-date information.

Label length

In SEO, the most discussed topic in the title tag is the length of the titles. Sometimes when you encounter extreme short titles such as ” pants ,” you can sometimes see the long titles stacked with all the keywords like ” the cheapest arched narrow leg, black jeans women’s trousers and prices” . The problem of the first one is that it appeals to a large area. So when it’s called pants, it’s not understood whether it’s a man or a woman or a cloth or jeans. The second title is so long that the visitor will not want to read this tag on the search page. At the same time, the search engine will not predict what the title is about. is the content related to the belt or the related jeans; will be difficult to understand.

A recent study shortens the title tag of thousands of URLs. An increase in the rankings was observed at the end of this study. The number of best characters in the title tag is between 50 and 60. In this topic, your chosen keyword should be the word your visitor uses when searching. So the ” waist top black jeans prices” and the category “Women’s Pants” will add more accurate title tag.


In the previous example, we used the trousers in both the title and category, and the label was passed twice in the tag. This is not the desired thing in every situation. Let’s say you want to upgrade your ranking in the “cheap airline tickets” area. If you don’t have any other information, you can use synonyms to match the number of characters in your headline and search for visitors in different ways. For example, the title “Cheap and discounted airline tickets, the best flight booking” allows you to reach visitors who search for cheap or discounted prices instead. You can create different title tags using keyword tools such as keyword Explorer, SEMRush, and Google Search Console to find synonyms and variables of this type.


It is a strategy that is incredibly contributing to the increase in traffic. Using the words ” buy”, ” find“, “Download”“Search”, “ listen“, ” Watch ” gives visitors excitement. Creates a click request on the link because they understand that they can perform an action. Even if they don’t write these words to the search engine, they will be careful to see them in the results. When you search for “Lion King,” the user who sees the word “watch” on the title tag knows that they can watch the movie if they click on that link. In this way, the rate of clicks increases.


Using tools like Google Search Console, you can identify the keywords your site gets most clicks on. This way, you can provide a message with the title and increase your clickthrough rate. So we got the results for These keywords are the words that visitors write before entering Seo.


By asking a question like “What is SEO?” in the title, you are curious about the user. There is also another benefit of the bonus. This allows you to become a featured snippet; which will return you as a traffic increase. You can see an example of the featured snippet below.

Top WordPress Plugins

Best SEO plugins for WordPress

Moving up to more elevated amounts on Google will enhance pretty much every site proprietor’s fantasies. Nonetheless, this may not generally be as simple as it is thought. Luckily, there are many additional items to help WordPress clients in such cases.

The most widely recognized are yoast and All in One website optimization, these modules can enable you to build your web crawler rankings by making your WordPress webpage SEO consistent. We’ve ordered the best WordPress SEO modules that urge you to enter watchwords and meta depictions, helping you to remember what you should know about when entering a post.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

You can introduce this module for nothing, regardless of whether you have figured out how to make XML documents that you have to submit to the Google Webmaster for your website. Yoast, who gives you tips and exhortation on the on location SEO side, is utilized today as a shaft. Easy to understand structure of improvement page and extra settings is a genuine favorable position.

All in One SEO Pack

Created for WordPress and favored by more than 1 million destinations, the across the board SEO Pack module gives all that you have to a SEO-accommodating site for nothing. You can introduce this extra for nothing, making it perfect with Google, without expecting to make custom modifications.

Premium SEO Pack

This module, which enables you to offer exceptional battles and open doors for your guests, has “premium” includes as its name proposes. In-site third party referencing, Google-good rich card tuning, XML sitemaps and substantially more are accessible inside this application.


Add Tags To WordPress Automatic Plugin – Simple Tags Plugin

WordPress web site designs and operating systems in active use in the foreground have extracted most of the many plugin this plugin seems to work … While, likewise most of trouble. Both he and the processor is slowing our sites our muscle. That’s why the most important ones of the given tag is simple tags add tags to plugin, a plugin that really matter. After installing this plug-in wordpress blog you will see many options after your posts and topics related to Auto-searched tagsI’ve seen.In this way, your post automatic labels related to the subject of your post will be added. This topic is quite a good work when used in this study is about creating an effective language label structure. It is fully compatible and support the work of Wp WordPress, creating a very efficient and innovative about this option.

To download this add-in as a professional, WordPress plug-ins section through Simple tags, you can do the quest label software. Links are constantly renewed and updated. So give a link from here instead of directly giving the name of the software. Simple Tags which you will do as you search for the latest and most mature software that is compatible with your system. You can analyze this subject can handle in the shape of plug-ins and dear readers. We wish you good work already. Follow us for efficient solutions.

Developed with WordPress, plug-ins, is a highly available system should improve clearly evident.Simple Tags, it is one of the plug-ins. So, what is it good for Simple Tags plugin ?

This plugin, tag in our blog system, provides a more advanced structure. SEO is very important in terms of automatically makes intra-site-tagging, tagging and tag makes it easier to edit. You can download the add-on from here . The article, titled how to set up the add-in installation of WordPress plug-ins to made a detailed narration.

After you install the add-in, first from the admin panel Settings > Simple Tags then click on to the tab. Now let’s set up your on this page:

√ Auto links tags: Article matches any last words, tags, Word returns the label auto-link.

√ Mass edit terms: allows you to edit Tags. It is marked, the Tools section of the “Mass Edit Terms”, an advanced tag editing panel will open.

√ Click tags at the bottom of your page, add Writing feature: all your tags, you can easily add a makes the formed part.

√ Autocompletion with old input: active auto-complete to enter more relaxed Labels.

√ Suggested tags feature: Yahoo! Term Extraction API, OpenCalais, Alchemy, Zemanta, Tag The Net, Local DB write through services such as advice on how to get your labels.

√ Advanced Manage Terms: makes an advanced tag editing panel active. Paneşle Tools > Manage Terms tab sindne.

Χ Related posts by terms: similar to labels according to similar articles. This topic is more advanced plug-ins, I suggest you use them. See: Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, Similar Posts

√ Auto terms posts: Yazınızdaki provides auto-tagging according to the context.

√ Tags for the page: Add tagging Pages makes it active. Also when adding tags, search box provided the name of the page.

Min usage for auto link tags: Automatic link will be given must be the minimum number of times the tag has been used. 1 ideal remain.

The maximum number of links per article: determines the maximum number per label Writing linkleneceğini.

The maximum number of links for the same tag for the same label, a maximum in the article: how many connection requests will be granted. 1 ideal remain.

√ Ignore case for auto link feature? Checked, the harmony of uppercase and lowercase letters. It is recommended that you tick it.

Exclude some terms from the tag link. For Ads Link subtition, etc.: you can block Some linklemeyi for labels.

Outside of these settings, click Tools > Mass Edit Terms and Manage Terms tab, you can easily edit your labels.

Yazıarınızda, category, article, page name if you want to be notified, according to Auto-link Tools > Auto Terms tab, you can do this by saying “Active Auto Terms”. For example when you write or have the word “wordpress” in the title and tags in your list “wordpress” ettiketi. To your plug-ins, font tags automatically adds the tag “wordpress”.


Adding links to your WordPress post

WordPress post you claim website by adding connects to another page or inside your webpage, you can complete a site other than steering. Add a Link to your accommodation recorded as a hard copy to make a past post frequently, or talking from another website page that is utilized to course the client to the page. To do this, first tap on the word or words that the client ensures the article will browse inside.

As appeared in the image above, selection of words surrounded with Red symbols after the left-half of the opening is given by tapping on lin settings. On the privilege is a connection to the dropping made before with symbols, you can give.

Tap on this symbol will open a window like the accompanying. Here you get the opportunity 2 sorts of connection to a post without anyone else site or one-page steering, and the other is outside of the site so a page to divert to another site. Here’s the part demonstrated by the number 1 in the steering field is the deliver to write to do. number 2 zone will be coordinated to page data. For instance, in the event that you need to do in this field website sending ‘ you can compose Google Web webpage ‘. Here is the connection with the title you composed in the client’s mouse will be shown when it’s situated over the words you give. number 3 is the connection to a post inside the site to discover the article identified with is a hunt bar that you can utilize. In the accompanying model, all the article ‘ wordpress ‘ in the title are recorded. After you complete the Add connect connecting settings by tapping on the ‘ catch ‘ task is finished.

While outside connections to be viewed as an issue, to be distributed from your client’s page in the image outline is situated inside the ‘ Open Link in new window/tab ‘ is a piece of the checking. You don’t have to check however the client left your site will be opened on a similar site that you connect back to your page once more.

In the picture beneath you see a connection in the post occurrence of the site. Here is the connection ‘ title ‘ part of your post consequently please tap the title of the post will be loaded up with. There is no compelling reason to change that, yet you can transform it on the off chance that you wish. Once more, this segment additionally on the off chance that you wish, you can organize the opening of the post in another tab.

So the way toward including the connection. On the off chance that you wish, tap on the connection at the best that you embed as depicted, you can expel or alter interface.

I trust it has been clear. On the off chance that you like it, don’t hesitate to share, except if the data has not been shared. Great blogging …

Using WordPress

Automatic SEO Links / link to wordpress page (link to wordpress headlines)

By composing a long post in WordPress, you’ve taken the title. Type this toward the start of the subject headings article, theme is situated inside the title on the off chance that you need to connection to,

So in the event that you need to make a wordpress post inside linkleme , you can do it with two techniques. The principal encoding (HTML) and the second is by utilizing an include.

Side “- page you didn’t connection to subheading how might we do that”on the inquiry a great deal of times I wordpress how to inline interface, I’ve chosen to tell.

Content in Wikipedia is part and a great deal of my article in my blog as you encounter the in-article connecting both the client experience and SEO is very valuable.

WordPress Table Of Contents As Part Of Making Wikipedia

When you make your on-theme linkleme situated in your composition pieces in the indexed lists in the meantime lower your subtitles. That is to say, much the same as he did the bounce connect creation process;

Google Jump To Link Creation

WordPress Post Inside Link (Using The Plugin)

WordPress post to connection to headings in the best and have the alternative of a great deal of customization technique to utilize the module, obviously.

1-First Admin Panel >> modules >> include new tab, right-tap the inquiry part of the include ins that are situated in the upper-left corner of the Table of Contents Plus “. If you don’t mind introduce the module and actuate it.

2-Then the Admin Panel >> Sets >> TOC + tab, so go to the organization board of the include in linkleme composing.

WordPress Post Plugin Management Panel On-Link

#Position: On-theme linkleme (chapter by chapter guide) some portion of the page/post where the particular position in the.

Prior to First Headings: Just before the principal title found in the article

After First Headings: Immediately after the main title found in the article

Top: At the highest point of the article

Base: Continue perusing at the base

#Show When: Linkleme part of the subheading shows up recorded as a hard copy, when we’re given. Here you select a number, when in any event x number of headers in the article list of chapters part, IE composing we call obvious/dynamic linkleme include hair inside.

#Auto Insert…: Post and pages are both dynamic when the two articles that you include and initiate naturally on your pages.

#Headings Text: what might be the title of the chapter by chapter guide. On the off chance that you like Wikipedia, for example, substance, on the off chance that you wish, you can compose something like a synopsis.

Enable the client to tog..: If this component is dynamic, the client will show up in the chapter by chapter guide that you need to cover up or abrogate she has pretty much nothing. (What you agreed to accept the Show don’t indicate catch content:, Hide what you agreed to accept Text: concealing catch.)

Conceal the table of contents…: When you initiated this alternative, a chapter by chapter guide page won’t be shown to the guest a full point. Show catch to see the table, click Ziyratçinin.

#Show Hierarchy: This choice is dynamic, inside a similar page connect situated above on the page from the title grouping of sending out beneath the title is done effectively.

#Number Of List Items: This choice is only the fare activity on the connection inside the page number given titles with the figures.

Connecting In WordPress Post Toc Settings

#Enable Smooth Scroll Effect: when you tap on a connection in the chapter by chapter guide, connected in the article where it’s not typically coordinate an impact and look down you go.

#Width: the width of the Content table set from here.

#Wrapping: the chapter by chapter guide to one side of the page or the privilege or supported or to be clear without defended anyplace you pick.

#Font Size: the list of chapters contained in the article are explicit text dimension of on-interface.

#Presentation: Font connecting table structure inside on out of here.

3-After every one of the changes, tap on the Update Options at the base, and you’re finished. (Note: you can additionally modify the module Advanced alternatives)

TOC Plugin Works?

Inside a similar page in wordpress module interface in the substance that coordinates your settings on the fare procedure, I mean. in the mid year of h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 tag and tag somewhere around 4 pieces (Show when we set in) every one of your posts consequently.

WordPress’te Aynı Sayfa Içi Link Verme

Note: If a particular post procedure of inline connecting to cripple on the off chance that you need to keep, the leader of that late spring will be sufficient to include a short code.

Note: If you present a connection on the in-article caption in a considerable lot of your fare procedure to incapacitate and just few linklemeyi dynamic for your substance on the off chance that you need to,

At that point incapacitate the auto-include choices (Auto Insert alternatives) and you need to Auto-post linklemeyi dynamic inside the short code.

#Also have a part in the include highlight, so for your posts-page captions interface toward the start of the article and the fare procedure or not toward the end, he permits to be done from the side board of the post.

WordPress Side Panel In-Writing Linkleme

WordPress Post Inside Link (Encoding)

Connecting inside a similar page in procedure of WordPress coding, you can likewise however like I stated, I won’t be useful until the include. To do this;

1-Located at the upper directly of the screen first post manager content tool , go to the part.

2-Click on that piece of the sub-headings are composing the sentence and sentence writing to go/get the fundamental code with plated;

<a href=”#1″>Tıklanınca Alt Başlığa Gidecek Yazı</a>

3-Immediately following the connection we give recorded as a hard copy of the sentence to show which title you’re going once more, we find that the header content tool and include the quick fundamental codes per.

<h2><a name=”1″></a>Alt Başlık Lokasyonu</h2>

4-Here’s a href #1 we linklediği sentence in the article as a name = “1” (ie # 1) title. You along these lines, the article headings one by one 2, 3, 4, 5. You can connect in the shape.

The outcome

Connecting inside a similar page in the WordPress procedure, without utilizing any module for encoding, so 2. Nonetheless on the off chance that I am doing with the strategy compose in reverse in the event that you need to do this for hundreds,

A lot to alter every individual post will require some serious energy. In this way, as of now situated inside the articles for production composing captions connect trade process by setting up and changing the settings module consequently with a solitary snap you can execute.

It offers distinctive highlights many modules. (From configuration to recognize it from the article). In this way, all that you will utilize and you regarding your site which technique and it’s up to your very own thought.

Automatic SEO Links

Today, around blog webpage around 120 million. This blog website is very difficult to find in lovely places. In any case, two or three WordPress SEO module you can copy the occasions you can both hit by applying, just as blog locales you can have enough perceived notoriety in the middle.

Another WordPress module to you in this article is Automatic SEO Links module. Programmed SEO Links your posts physically on your site on account of the module so you can overlook the connection by hand, each one in turn! With this module once you have composed your post labels, the include is consequently entered in the discover label interface labels article. As everybody knows, this sort of intra-site interfaces on Google site. At the end of the day, you make intrasite backlink.

From the include settings, composing the nofollow or dofollow joins given are inside the choice, you can do it. The greatest preferred standpoint of the module is only one region in your composition of any tag, connect. Aside from this, the words you need are you indicating in the administrator board. When you compose words that you determine at the season of the event of that Word auto-interface.

SEO Links Setup

Likewise with all the modules to download and introduce the include in any case, the WinRAR program from inside organizer through RAR.

The subsequent organizer to interface with our site with any FTP Manager . ../wp-content/modules catalog.

From the administrator board Plugins actuate the include and the page we’re going to.

Automatic SEO Links Settings

For administrator board settings of the module Settings’ on the left area in the submenu is Automatic SEO Links page to enter.

Subsequent to entering the page “Include Links” menu, you can indicate which Word will be auto-interface.

Aside from this, the include, you can set every one of the settings on this page.

Automatic SEO Links Official

The significance of value content, web index Optimizasyon no mystery these days. Site proprietors and web search tools by delivering top notch content and they’re attempting to meet the desires for the webpage guests. While concentrating on creating quality substance site proprietors audit kaçırılabileceği vital SEO one of its parts, with the privilege inward connection of value content technique is to associate with one another. Intra-site linkleme what and how? A fruitful SEO execution, you should stop over to open a smidgen about this thoroughly.

Interior linkleme an extraordinary significance for every site, advantageous and streamlined site structure when utilized with powerful intra-site traffic can move the upper dimensions. To say it essentially, when you connect to any page inside the site, you may visit different parts of your site, the likelihood of getting overhauled. Now and then the client does not demonstrate an alternate movement on the page are logged, yet different parts of the site to an interior connection snaps can wind up mindful of. This circumstance can likewise happen on the main passage however not to take any risks.

Inside Link Benefits

Inside linkleme brings a couple of focal points; the expert of the page, positive client experience, and site-to-site availability, ease of use and at last the most vital two ideas; guest traffic and higher rankings in query items. Search engine optimization technique is a significant commitment to the advantage of the inward linkleme we can survey as pursues:

Expands the value of the site 1-Internal Link

Interior linkleme in the client’s site route makes it simple to understand the other included substance. What’s more, compelling connection content (grapple content) is utilized when the estimation of each connection you offer some incentive to your item. Connection content isn’t really sensible, it has nothing to do with the page you give distinct and joins, you should make the sentences. For instance, in the event that you connect to other article that you expound on financial matters, while distinct, sketching out the subject fascinating and make a sentence with connection message that the client can tap on the connection.

2-interior Link Administration Provides

Internal linkleme, the expert of your site enables you to likewise convey your pages. Regardless of whether you need under a route in the content, it has no effect. On each page of your site mindfulness and expert on the off chance that you need to keep the upper dimension Interior linklemeyi. Additionally your guests converse with various chances, drawing in substance and you have utilized your odds.

3-Increase the page Internal Link

Connection content, when utilized effectively and abartılmadan given the inner connections, yet in addition the extents of the showcase of alternate pages in your site. For instance, when you tap on any connections contained inside this article, and the page that you reach by giving site visits added to the presentation. Likewise situated toward the finish of the article “you may likewise be keen on These” area, when you tap on a connection to the page subsequent to signing in, you increment site visits per visit rate. Your clients can likewise visit the more inner pages amid the visit, he understands both quality substance and measurable power you get. Likewise, to enhance the execution of site visits, we prescribe that you update your site stacking speed.

4-inner Linkleme PageRank Additive Provides

It doesn’t make a difference regarding how the PageRank of inward linkleme before that, we should discuss PageRank. Google how long prior sites backlink (outer connection may state) that you have built up an estimating framework and it’s PageRank. from 0 to 10 rating as a positioning variable in Google PageRank, still’s identity being utilized by.

On the off chance that you have pages with high PageRank, given the inside connections from these pages, the esteem is additionally spreading to different pages and locales of high PageRank. Additionally, while the internal linkleme including “nofollow” tag, you should make certain you’re not utilizing.

5-Increases the measure of time spent on the site of the inward Linkleme

Situated on your pages, connections to related substance to the client guarantees that invest more energy in your site and “skip rate”. Specifically, she tossed the skip rate for other substance in the site by utilizing the clear connection content, connection to your giving are of extraordinary significance. Amazing substance that you believe is giving the connection to your clients to see this substance can give time spent on the site, and match insights can contribute. “Time nearby” and “bob rate” is two interconnected criteria, particularly when you peruse your Google Analytics account that he went that we can see these two ideas; content quality, site stack speed, portable similarity and easy to use structure, many point is the means by which well your site can give you a thought.

6 makes it simple to file your site from being slithered and inward Link

Web search tools are maybe the most imperative point as far as the connection Tracker, ordering and perusing. For instance, you made a page, yet this page is any page on your site to another page, a route or fast access to the component or did not add to the site delineate. She didn’t get any interior or outer connections, this page can’t be filtered and recorded by the internet searcher can’t be nothing. So the substance of a page, you squander, so as to keep that you make with the fundamental route of your site pages don’t really should be connected. When you put this page on a subpage on the off chance that you can give the additional commitments.

How Might We Optimize The Internal Links?

1-Please Categorize and core interest

Above all else the classifications your site, themes, subtopics and identified with recognize pages with and without division. A notice on the page connect to incidental B page, in the client secret key change won’t be happy to interface in. Or then again one item or administration as a huge preferred standpoint in the event that you are discussing yet the connections you gave that item/benefit irrelevant to each other, not just have kept the advancement of the client, the client wound up on your site action will end. So as to forestall them all arranged progressively fragments separated and your pages, the substance has nothing to do with one another, their own and hold your bunch, any future relationship was not able your page content We prescribe that you take a group from which you can alter. Particularly significant to any page on your site that are not put aside for them, discard your substance new substance or you can think about making new pages.

2-Try Other destinations or Pages Example

For instance, Wikipedia is very fruitful in such manner. The design of both substance and inside linkleme it is conceivable to see the rendered pages as trim about. Situated in the Wikipedia site design improvement when you peruse to the page, and route of internal linkleme syonun you can see that as an effective use case:

3 – remember that your pages Deep

In the event that your site develops itself gets from the profundities of your site or pages you will see that some into insensibility. For instance once you type a capacity for your site now and when you quit utilizing your new pages, previous pages still endeavored to run this capacity itself. Or on the other hand you introduced however stopped utilizing explored can move a page, the nature of the pictures. These pages are in certainty is open however in fact won’t be any connection with your site. Aside from these kinds of pages that you make in your classes or labels that you use, you should pick cautiously. Under more than one class of a page isn’t an issue anyway as the number will expand the quantity of pages in the classification and it will begin to be in more than one place on your page. Notwithstanding a label you use in your numerous pages, tapped the location before an expansive number of pages that will convey the client to discover what he was searching for and will make the client. In this regard, as a page on your site is most you make work.

Don’t hesitate to Nofollow and Noindex 4-Words

Site structure and route properties like the Palm of your hand, on the off chance that you realize which pages or which classifications should desert the scenes. For instance, if a classification page or on your site, you utilize the tag “noindex” and “nofollow” tag to include, copy content (copy content) keeps the arrangement and upgrades the client encounter. Web crawler searchers, list items, and inquiry on the term meets the main pulled the substance without that page the page and classification and label pages in the meantime, which may. Or on the other hand the main as opposed to clicking onto the classification or on the off chance that it can not discover what he was searching for the mark sheet. Since it is the classification or label page, and the likelihood of not having the capacity to see the page containing the real substance. In this regard, you can utilize the noindex label explicit pages. There is likewise a class or tag to the page while nofollow inner connections, you can likewise utilize the tag. Therefore, the web search tool will record these pages on your webpage, include them in the wake of checking your page or connection you given by changing to this page show up in the query items to show up on the pages you don’t need.

Also, low-performing, unimportant or if your pages don’t have quality substance, when you need to connection to these pages utilizing the “nofollow” tag. In this manner, the important has PageRank of your pages, low quality won’t be exchanged to your page.

In the event that an expansive number of pages that you need to square, or on the off chance that you have catalogs robots .txt document by utilizing a list, you can endeavor to hinder all things considered. Now, nonetheless, we prescribe that you be watchful. The robots. txt you have a go at hindering with files, may contain vital pages. In General, this is one of the blunders that we watch; for instance, all pictures in the site to be hindered with the robots. txt and lost their case in the Visual internet searcher.

A Must For Every Web Site Internal Linkleme Is A Relative Concept.

On the off chance that your site route joins, etc are framed naturally web indexes “